Every woman has spent years thinking, planning, and fantasizing over their future wedding. The bride is the center of attention, and it’s the one day you get to dress and look just like a princess. Here are some tips to guide you to look and feel your best!

Make a List

Have a clear picture of how you want to look. Do you want your hair up or down? Are you wearing a veil? What features do you want to bring out the most? Your eyes, lips, hair? Maybe you want to make sure everyone can see your earrings. You probably already know what looks best on you, so make sure you have a plan and a list of “must haves” ready to go.

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Enlist Help

Make your day as stress-free as possible. Gather your bridesmaids for help and make it fun! The less you let yourself stress, the more you will enjoy the days leading up to your wedding. Avoiding stress is not easy, and you’ll never be able to completely avoid it. Just take one day to relax and not think about the future. Maybe a spa day with all the girls is in order. Not only will you feel better and be able to relax, but you will make fond memories! A relaxed bride is a beautiful bride!

Think Ahead

You will undoubtedly be beaming as you walk down the aisle! The last thing anyone wants is to be embarrassed or self-conscious when all eyes are on them! Visit your dentist. Not only will a Cincinnati cosmetic dentistry clinic ensure there are no issues that will cause problems, but they can also whiten teeth or get any implants or crowns done. Whitening at home takes two to four weeks, depending on the desired shade you want. According to Dr. Robert Petrtyl, whitening in the office may require one or more 45-minute to one-hour visits.

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Look Above

Look at hair styles you like. Once you know what you want, make an appointment with your hair dresser. Do a trial of the styles you like. This also gives you time to visit more than one hairdresser to have an idea of who will best suit your wants. Whether you have it up or down, a veil or a simple tiara, professionals will be able to achieve the look you want. Allow enough time for your hair to be fixed and to drive to your wedding!

Make Up Class

Visit a make-up artist. Let them show you a few tricks of the trade or watch and learn as they enhance your beauty! If you like what they offer, book an appointment! If you think you can copy their techniques then allow yourself time to practice. There are also numerous YouTube videos that can give you great tips for making your face look fresh and young on the big day.

Bridal Beauty Six Tips For Achieving Your Look From the Neck Up 2

You will remember your wedding and the days leading up to and immediately following it for years. Take time to plan ahead and savor the moments! With this guide you will put your best face forward and enjoy being the center of attention unabashedly.

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On your wedding day, it’s important to look and feel your best. You’ll be surrounded by your family and friends, and you’ll be up close and personal with the partner, as you prepare to spend the rest of your life together. Your big day will also be immortalized in photos for generations to come. There’s a lot of pressure to look great, but with some proper planning leading up to the event, you’ll be sure to put your best face forward.

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Get Sun-Kissed Skin

We all know that sun exposure causes skin damage, and that tanning beds should be avoided entirely, however we all want our skin to have a healthy glow. Luckily, a sun-kissed look that complements your white dress can be achieved safely and easily with a little pre-planning. A few weeks before your wedding, begin using a gradual self-tanning moisturizer that will progressively darken your skin as you apply it every day. If you want to keep your skin natural, just keep up with the moisturizing and exfoliate a few days before.

Wedding Day Jitters How to Beef Up Your Beauty Routine 3

Develop Healthy Hair and Nails

Most women want long and strong nails, and thick, shiny hair on their wedding day. If you’d like to improve the condition of your hair and nails, incorporate some important vitamins into your diet in the weeks before your wedding. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, improves thinning or splitting hair and strengthens your nails. You can get biotin in capsule form, but it’s even better to include it in your diet with foods like bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, lentils, peanuts and salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to contribute to lustrous hair with extra shine, so add flaxseed, salmon, spinach and walnuts into your diet.

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Get a Sparkling Smile

There’s no better complement to your white dress than a set of bright white teeth. In the months leading up to your wedding, consult yourSalt Lake City dentistry on the best options for safe teeth whitening. Whether you undergo a whitening procedure in the dentist’s office or use strips or gels at home, you can gradually make your teeth several shades whiter. According to Murray Utah cosmetic dentistry, it also helps to cut back on coffee, tea, wine and cola, as they can all which can yellow your teeth. If you can’t give up your favorite beverages altogether, try sipping through a straw to keep the liquid from touching the front of your teeth. By the time your big day arrives, you’ll light up the room with your dazzling smile.

Wedding Day Jitters How to Beef Up Your Beauty Routine 1

Follow these simple tips to beef up your beauty routine, and you’ll be amazed at the results. By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll look fierce and flawless.

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Your wedding day is coming up and you have started to make a list of the things you have to plan and prepare for. The people who will compose of your entourage, your wedding catering services provider, your garments designers, the wedding cake, the wedding car, and the venue of the big day are among the most important things you have to consider. But before anything else, everyone should be informed of the wedding by a formal invitation. In this article, let us look at five interesting DIY ideas that will add an extra oomph for your invitation card.

1. Customized Stamp

Think about having a logo for the wedding event. It may be a picture of you and your spouse-to-be smiling at each other or a fancy lettering of your names together. It may also be a caricature of your faces. No matter what fun picture you can think of, creating a customized stamp on the invitation card’s envelope is such a cool idea. No other stationary store or stamps shop can offer the same. You can print it at home by yourself or ask a business card printing office if they can print it for you.

customised stamp wedding invite

2. Shaped Borders

Instead of the usual rectangular or square-shaped invitation letter, you can make unique borders such as heart, flower, butterfly, or even a diamond to add to the punch. You can visit your local scrap-booking or stationery store to insert stickers and make the most fun out of the paper material. There are also scissors and punchers you can buy from the bookstore which can help speed up the designing of the borders.

dyi wedding invites

Diy wedding invites

3. Calligraphy

Typewriting the details on the invitation card is too cliché. It is a great idea if you can use a calligraphy pen that’s colored white or silver on dark envelopers. Practice writing and see tutorials online to learn the basics. An invitation made with calligraphy will look modest. Your guests will appreciate the fancy writing for sure.

calligraphy wedding invitation

4. Bookmark

An invitation card with a ribbon or yarn attached? Why not? The wedding invitation does not always have to be something too formal as a letter. Consider quirky ideas like making it usable as a bookmark or a page-saver for those guests who are fond of reading novels. It can be made out of a heavy cardstock-like paper that acts as the support for the bookmark. Make a collage of personal images then cover or laminate it with plastic to avoid damages.

bookmark wedding invitations

5. Patterned Accents

For a more homey feel, incorporating patterned accents to the wedding invitation will look the most unique. To make this, choose a fabric, a corner rounder, and sew the fabric by a sewing machine. This approach is more budget-friendly than color printing. It will also look more elegant, classy, and timelessly beautiful.

pattern accent wedding inviations

Fast Weight Loss Tips to Help Prepare for Your Wedding DayPlanning for your wedding day should be exciting and a new thrilling adventure in your life. When you want to look the best for your wedding day, there are a few ways to get in shape and lose weight before you get into your dress! Implementing a few weight loss tips to help prepare for your wedding day is a way to enjoy the celebration while feeling fabulous and beautiful.

Get Educated on Nutrition

Getting educated on nutrition is essential when looking to lose weight the healthy way for your wedding day. Learning more about diet and nutrition for the body is essential when you want to ensure you are on the right track to choosing the right foods each time you grocery shop or dine out. Get a tracker for your diet or a new scale to keep yourself accountable and on track.

Cut Carbohydrates and Sugar Intake

Reducing and cutting out carbohydrates and sugar from your body is also an ideal method to help boost the fat-burning process when looking to lose weight in time for your wedding. Because the body is often overloaded with carbohydrates and sugar, cutting them out entirely forces the body to run in ketosis, quickly burning excess fat around the most stubborn areas, including the face and stomach.

Increase Exercising Habits

Implementing daily exercise into your regular routine is highly advisable if you want to lose weight while doing so and remaining healthy. Simply adding a small 30-minute walk outdoors, or while using a treadmill helps to boost the body’s metabolism while giving you more of an opportunity to burn stubborn fat. By integrating exercise into healthier eating habits and lifestyles you can determine just how much weight you are likely to use in time for the big day.

Diet Pills and Supplements

Consider the option of looking into diet pills and supplements that help to expedite the weight loss process. Using aids like Phentermine Hydrochloride can help to suppress appetites while burning fat at a quicker rate regardless of your current metabolism. Always be sure to research the type of diet pills and supplements you are interested in using to ensure they are safe and proven on the market.

Taking the time to learn more about nutrition and improving your body with these healthy habits is an ideal way to choose the right option for you when losing weight in time for your wedding. With more options available than ever to help shed pounds you are able to relax and enjoy the wedding day you have always envisioned for yourself. Just make sure you’re safe and feel your best!

So your big day is happening very soon! Among all other things you should think about when it comes to wedding planing, you might consider making that day even more meaningful with involving children in your ceremony. If you are planing big, traditional wedding, you will have a lot of kids from your close or far family to deal with. Many of them will want to be considered as adults and be thrilled to participate in this kind of event, especially if they are your closest kin. And if you or your fiancé have already had children, than involving them in the ceremony will be a great symbol of unity which the marriage should represent in the first place. The options are numerous, and depend on the age of the children, so take a look at some of the ways you can involve children in your wedding day.

children and weddings

Age 11-15: junior bridesmaids or grooms men

At this age, when they are still developing and are somewhere in between the child and adult phase, giving them these roles will make them feel important. Not only will they perform their duties at the wedding reception with great seriousness, but they will treat this as a step towards adulthood.

Age 7-10: attendants

At this age, they will be too old to be flower children, so it would be best to have them carry candles in the procession, or the prayer book, hand out programs or flowers to mothers and grandmothers. This is also a great chance to have them wear the same, uniform clothes which most of the children will accept with great enthusiasm.

Age 3-6: flower girls and page boys

This age is perfect for the cutest roles a child can have at a wedding ceremony: being a flower girl or a page boy, or a ring bearer. The number of flower girls can be infinite, that is you can give this task to as many girls in the family there are. However, keep in mind that some parents will not be able to afford flower girl gowns, so it would be best if you added them to the wedding budget. The number of page boys carrying the wedding dress train can vary depending on the train, of course – if you are planning to have a big train, then it would be wise to employ three boys to carry it. And since there in a finite number of rings to bear, it would be best if you gave the role of a ring bearer to the most serious child, who will then hand them over to your best man.


Do not be afraid to improvise. Since some children can be disobedient, it is best if you had some sense of humor if, for instance, they jump and run between you and your partner during the kiss. And even though this may be one of the most important moments in your life, children will not have that in their minds, and will perhaps not be willing to cooperate or follow your instructions during the procession. Not everything has to go as planned, so you can improvise and change the plan according to the circumstances you have at your hands.

And lastly, you must remember that having a large number of children at your wedding can make things turn out unexpectedly, so besides plans for entertaining them, have your bridesmaids or other attendants always have a plan B so that you can all enjoy the ceremony whatever happens.