Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.” This is the advice a mother gave to her daughter on her wedding day, while she was having second thoughts about the big step she was taking.

For some of us love and marriage is as simple as that, but for others, unfortunately, it is as difficult as that. We see around us all the time people in love, people who decide to spend the rest of their life together, people who promise to love each other till death due them apart, but how many of them think about the real meaning of a wedding?

If you ask me, a wedding has two sides: the material one and the spiritual one. As one said, “Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth”. As you stand up in front of the altar, swearing true love for ever, you think about the spiritual importance of the moment, about what does this step really means, about all the sacrifices you are willing to make for your marriage to work and many other things that make you have butterflies in your stomach.

But, on the other hand, after the fancy proposal you start planning your perfect wedding, thinking about each detail, starting with the weeding dress and finishing with meals and drinks for your guests. This part is the material one. While organizing everything, so that the wedding day to be perfect, we tend to forget about the spiritual part. Invitations, gifts, rings, cakes, music, flowers, and all the other things you need to take care of, blind us. We tend to go back to the spiritual part while we are trying to write our vows, spending a lot of time searching for the right words, the right feelings, but we come back in the real world as soon as we have found the perfect “poetry” to describe our feelings. Navigate to Herald Net to get spiritual and psychic reading to figure out what you should be doing.

How do we know when to make this commitment? How do we know if we are ready? How do we know if we have found the right person to share the rest of our life with? We will never be 100% sure that we have found the perfect match but if in your relationship you love each other, respect, trust, understand, commit you have 99% chances to succeed.

I am Sabina, a young girl from a little country in Eastern Europe, called Romania. I have been in a relationship for four year now and I often find myself thinking about my wedding day, about the day he will finally propose, about the dress, the reception, the music, the church, about everything. It will take a while till I get married, I have to finish college first and try to find a job. Through my articles, I plan to tell you all you need to know and consider while you plan your wedding. I also plan to reveal you my own plans, my own dreams and opinions, my vision about my own wedding, starting with the proposal and finishing with our honeymoon.

So stay close so we can plan our weddings together.

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