When talking about best wedding hairstyle, brides who have long hair might see it as a blessing or as a punishment. Although long hair allows you to have any hairstyle you can think of for your wedding day, it can also confuse you, because there are so many choices. Here are some choices of  hairstyles for brides with long hair:

Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

All Straight

This wedding hairstyle is simple, classic, and elegant all at the same time, but you must be one of the brides with long hair and bangs to put off this wedding day look.

all straight

Beautiful locks

This wedding hairstyle shows that even a lovely head full of draping locks can be easily done and look elegant. So if you are one of the brides with long and curly hair, this might be the best hairstyle for you.

beautiful locks

Curly back

Beautiful look for a formal or casual wedding this hairstyle is perfect for any season. This wedding hairstyle looks best with the brides that choose to wear a tiara, and a long veil. Curly girls know the struggle of time-consuming wash days. The trick is to start your styling at the sink with one of these best shampoos for curly hair, make sure to visit https://www.barbieinablender.org/best-shampoo-and-conditioner-for-wavy-hair/ to find the perfect curly shampoo.

curly back

Elegant curls

This is a carefree wedding hairstyle that can be styled with or without any type of hair accessories. It is best for either a formal or a casual wedding.

elegant curls


This wedding hairstyle is classic looking and beautiful for any type of wedding. The look requires layered hair, so plan ahead.


Long Soft waves

This fun and flirty wedding hairstyle is perfect for brides with long, thick hair. Sections of the bride’s blond hair are curled into long, loose waves, and pulled back slightly to one side.

long soft waves


Beautiful long hair is curled and parted to the side to give an elegant princess like look to the brides wearing it. Perfect for a formal fairytale themed wedding.


Side part

Even a simple side part like this wedding hairstyle can be classy enough for a formal wedding.

side part

Simple waves

This wedding hairstyle is loose and carefree. Looks great for either a formal or casual wedding.

Simple waves

Soft curls

This wedding hairstyle is simplicity itself, perfect for brides with long hair who want a dramatic look. Can be worn with or without a veil.

soft curls

Wavy layers

Layered hair that is crimped into waves makes a simple elegant wedding hairstyle. Great classic look for casual wedding.

wavy layers

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