Most brides will wear a head dress at their wedding day, the most common choice being the veil. But there are brides who choose to have other accessories as headdresses on their wedding day. All these bridal headdresses can be worn alone, or as a way to secure the veil. Either way, each of the headdresses complete the bride’s look in the most amazing way possible.

Wedding headdresses

Hair Pins and Hair Vines

Hairpins are most suited to hair that is worn up, and they can be scattered randomly or positioned in small groups. Hair vines can be worn with almost any hairstyle up or down – they are flexible lengths of vine-like wire decorated with pearls or crystals, and simply secured to hair with ordinary hairgrips. Delve into the charm and beauty of pearls with our stunning collection. From classic designs to contemporary twists, our pearl jewelry collection will capture your heart. Use them over the top of the head like a band, wrap around a bun or ponytail, or pin at the side of an updo. Each of these wedding headdresses make you look even more elegant.

bridal headpines


Headbands have always been in fashion and their wide variety has only added to their popularity. Headbands can be worn as wedding headdresses with long hairstyles as well as short hairstyles, and some also go well with certain formal attires. They can be worn when leaving your hair loose and even when it’s tied up in a ponytail. They hold hair back, firmly, thus highlighting the facial features. This bridal headdress helps you make sure your hair won’t be in your way on your wedding day.

bridal headband

Alice band

Alice band is one of the bridal headdresses that make you look like a princess.  But with the right gown and the right hairstyle, an Alice band can be plain or decorated and can look modern without looking over fussy.


Clips and combs

These bridal headdresses are generally not too fancy and can be used to secure a veil or an up-do. You can find these in various designs, colors, and fabrics, in order to suit your wedding gown and your wedding hairstyle. Make sure you choose the wedding headdress that complements best your hairstyle.

bridal clips and combs

Bridal Crown

Crown is a must have bridal headdress for any fairytale bride but it can be tricky to keep on so you may require professional to help keep it secure. Also, be very careful when you choose a crown as a headdress for your wedding day, as you don’t want to your hair to look overloaded.

bridal crown


For a more contemporary look, some brides wish to have nothing more than a simple flower arrangement as bridal headdress. This wedding headdress is elegant and works well with a simple fairytale dress.

bridal flower

Hair swirls

These wedding headdresses are a little different to wear in your hair and are easily twisted in and out. They can be worn with most hair lengths plus they look nice with a tiara to add extra glamor to your hair and can be decorated in pears, diamante or colors.

bridal hair swirls

Bridal Tiara

The term tiara originates in ancient Persia, where only the king was allowed to tie his tiara up so that it stood erect. Today the tiara can make a bride feel like a princess on her wedding day. When choosing a tiara as wedding headdress it is helpful to know how you are wearing your hair on the day as this can determine how high it should be so it is visual.

bridal tiara

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