For a bride to look perfect in her wedding day she needs more than just the dress, the veil and the jewelry, she needs some other accessories too. In this article we will talk about bridal shoes. When choosing your wedding shoes there are some things you need to consider:

Tips to Choose Your Bridal Shoes

When to buy your bridal shoes

To ensure that your chosen shoe style will suit your wedding gown it is best if you purchase your bride shoes early, so that you can bring them to your first fitting. This will also help keep your alteration costs down and ensure that your dress hemline will stay consistent throughout the alteration process.

Wedding dress color

Wedding dress color plays a very important role in choosing the bridal shoes. Although the tradition says that brides should wear white shoes on their wedding day, with the advent of fashion clothes you can see a variety of bridal color for bridal shoes. You can choose any color but you should ensure that the shoes you are purchasing matches with the wedding dress color and style.

wedding dress color and shoes

Wedding dress style

You can’t ignore the wedding dress style while selecting bridal shoes. Although, bridal shoe color matches  the dress color, style is equally important. If you are choosing a fancy bridal dress with embellishments then your bridal shoes should also have some embellishments. In case you are purchasing plain white dress then plain sandals or shoes would look fine.

wedding shoes style

Think about the season

While anything goes in warm summer months, closed toe styles are best for cooler weather. If you really want to show some skin in chilly weather consider a peep-toe or a mule or sling back with a closed toe for your bridal shoes.

wedding shoes season

Think about the venue

If your ceremony or reception is to take place on grass or sand, stay away from skinny heels which sink into soft ground and get dirty fast. Flats are really stylish right now and they’re perfect for outdoors. Beach weddings need to have shoe styles to reflect the occasion consider funky flip flops or even wedges so they sink less in the sand and you can kick them off and walk bear foot.

wedding shoes venue

Think about the formality of your wedding

Formal gowns and big churches call for something like a classic pump or pretty sling back. Fancy flip flops are a big trend right now in bridal shoes and if your celebration is laid back, go for it. Embroidery, crystals and other embellishments up the formal factor as well.

formal wedding shoes

Comfort matters

Remember you will be wearing you shoes from early in the morning till last thing at night.  Proper wedding shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind and have additional padding exactly for this purpose.

comfort wedding shoes


Your wedding gowns fabric and texture should match as closely as possible to the fabric and texture of your bridal shoes. Satin material at the bottom of your wedding dress will complement the glossy finish on satin bridal footwear and tuile or silk-faced satin complements a peau-de soie, luxe, or ultra satin texture.

fabric wedding shoes

Hill height

Generally speaking, the right height for your wedding shoes is whatever height heel you are already comfortable with wearing. The typical modest heel is about 2” to 2.5” high, but shorter and taller heels are commonly seen. You shouldn’t buy your actual wedding shoes until after you’ve purchased your dress, but you should know the approximate heel height you’ll choose so you can wear similar-sized heels when you go dress shopping.  And it’s a good idea to buy shoes in the late afternoon when your feet are a little bigger than in the morning; this will help ensure a better fit for the long day on your feet.

hills wedding shoes


Purchasing expensive bridal shoes does not always ensure a better fit. There are numerous designers and different brands or styles will fit differently. I recommend that you try on as many different styles as you can to find the ideal bride shoe to fit your feet but also match your taste and budget.

Think about your bridesmaids

You certainly don’t have to wear the same shoes as your gals but like the dresses, try to find some consistency in style like a closed toe or an ankle strap.

bridesmaids wedding shoes

To dance or not?

Do you intend to dance on your wedding day?  If so you may consider purchasing a pair of more comfortable flat ballet slippers to change into for later on, so you can enjoy all the frivolity.

After you bought the shoes

At home, in the weeks before the wedding, start breaking in your shoes by wearing them around the house for a few hours at a time. Many brides also scuff the soles of their shoes with sandpaper to give them more traction on slippery surfaces and dance floors at the reception.

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