Once you’ve picked out your wedding dress and are immersed in wedding planning, it’s time to start thinking about wedding hairstyles for the big day. In order to make sure you are choosing the best bridal hairstyle for you, there are some steps you should follow.

Steps to Choose the Best Bridal Hairstyle

Select your wedding hairstyle early

As soon as you start planning your wedding you can start collecting pictures of wedding hairstyles you would like. Take those pictures to your hair stylist and ask for advice about which would would be the best  hairstyle for your style and would suit your wedding gown better. You may also consider having hair extensions, too.


Consider your veil

While choosing the best wedding hairstyle for you, you should make sure that your tiara and veil will compliment and not hide it. If you have a long floor length veil, your hairstyle needs to be tough enough to hold it.

hairstyle veil

Seek for expert advice

Before you set out on a headpiece shopping excursion, schedule an appointment with your hairstylist to talk about the type of headpiece you may want: tiara, headband, wreath, bun wrap, or crown.”You should ask your stylist which type is the best for your hair, head size, and face shape.


Practice your bridal hairstyle

Once you have decided on the best wedding hairstyle for you pay a visit to your stylist and try on this hairstyle. You should also learn which angle of placement for the headpiece works best on your head.


Make sure you’ve got the right stylist

After deciding on the best wedding hairstyle, you should confirm with your stylist that he is going to be the one doing your hair, and not switch you to another stylist. Clarify this aspect at your trial.

Wear a button up shirt

This way you don’t have a surprise trying to squeeze out of a t-shirt and not mess up your hair.


Wash your hair the night before

Your hear must be completely dry, free of product, and ready to go when you get to your stylist. If you intend to color your hair, do it a week before your wedding.

Bring a photo of you in your dress to the trial and the wedding day appointment. This will help the stylist create a style that will suit your dress and theme.

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