In buying the services of the best wedding videographer it’s important to ask the right questions. What you need to ask first is whether the videographer will attend the rehearsal too. Couples usually want the rehearsal to be filmed when their wedding is going to be complicated and nontraditional, because they want to make sure they got all the important moments on the film. If you want your rehearsal to be filmed a professional wedding videographer won’t say no .

What to ask a professional wedding videographer

Second, you need to find out how the videographer will pick up what is being said by the bride and groom, readers or musicians. Whatever the technology, the best wedding videographer makes sure that the microphones are located near the persons that need to be recorded; this way a better quality of the sound is obtained.

Thirdly, you need to know details about cameras, regarding how many manned cameras will be used, if remotely controlled cameras will be used. A professional videographer will probably promise you a certain number of cameras, so make sure that all of them are at your wedding; you don’t want to pay for something you didn’t get.

Light is a very important detail in your wedding film. While most of the videographer use ambient light to record the wedding ceremony, the best wedding videographer like to use supplemental light, in order to improve the quality of the images. You should ask for supplemental light, no matter the place your ceremony is happening.

Each wedding film needs editing. First, you have to make sure that your videographer is a professional  and doesn’t edit your movie without talking to you first, and second, you have to make sure it is not taking more than 16 weeks before you get your videotape.

Although it may not seem important, the way your videographer dresses at your wedding says a lot about him. That’s why you should try to negotiate an elegant outfit for him. The best videographer will say yes to an elegant attire without negotiation.

Payment is the most important factor you need to consider when hiring the best videographer. That’s way you need to make sure that there are no hidden costs, you need to know under what circumstances is your payment refundable, if the payment guarantees the date for the final tape, the structure of the payment. You should negotiate a three-step payment: when the contract is signed, a week before the wedding, and when you have your tape.

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