Wedding aisle runner is a strip of material which is of aisle’s length on which bride walks to reach alter and these wedding runners are made with various materials like polyester, Vinyl, etc. Wedding runner serves for both functionality and decorative purposes and it makes the bride fell as a princess on her wedding day.


Rent or buy. In many cases, your wedding planner or decorator will have access to an aisle runner and you could very easily include it as one of the services he/she will provide for you. If it is cost efficient, this might be the most convenient option. As you get to the aisle runner only once, it is high recommended to just rent it. If you want it to be personalized, to have your names on it, than the preferred option is to buy it.

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Fabric. Polyester fabric aisle runners are literally made from polyester poplin fabric and come in an array of colors (74 to be exact). These quality aisle runners have surged edges (so no fraying) and are available in either 36″ or 45″ widths. Nonslip aisle runners are the best runners on the market. Made from a cotton fabric with foam adhered to the underside, these aisle runners will not move when walked upon. They’re lightweight too, meaning they’re easy to roll down the aisle. These aisle runners measure approximately 42″ in width and are available only in white. Burlap aisle runners are perfect for beach weddings and measure 36″ wide. They can be painted with any of our Basic or Artistic logo designs and looks. Echo friendly aisle runners are made from recycled plastic bottles that are melted down to form fibers that are woven together. Eco-runners are available in 36″ widths and six colors. Each Eco-Runner is painted with special water based paints that are free from chemicals.


Color. Whether for an indoor or outdoor wedding, you can choose from a standard white aisle runner or one that matches the color of your wedding. You can also have things written on the aisle runner, which is a nice detail for those couples who want to keep their aisle runners for years to come.

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Design. The edges of aisle runners may be accented with potted flowers, clusters or lines of flower petals, or even seashells or river stones to suit the location’s natural décor and the wedding theme. Or keep it simple with a pretty border embedded in the design of the runner.


Inside or outside wedding. Aisle runners are sturdier for outdoors and more delicate indoors. For an outdoor wedding, aisle runners will keep your shoes from getting dirt and grass stains as well as the bottom of your dress. You will just have to decide how long it needs to be as the lengths vary so it’s up to you. You will also need to decide how wide it needs to be as well.


Placement. Aisle runners often are pre-placed at the ceremony site for optimal beauty and to avoid a bumpy, wavering placement done by the ushers during the processional. The aisle runner professional or your wedding coordinator will place the runner perfectly. With your aisle runner in place, drape a garland of flowers across the back row of seats so that guests do not walk on the runner on the way to their seats.


After the ceremony. After the ceremony role the aisle runner and use it at the reception as the bridal party is being announced. It makes a great photo opportunity.


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