After agreeing on the qualities your wedding photographer has to have, you start looking right away. You want to make sure that you find him on time, and that he hasn’t another event planned for the same date.

Besides personal references for a wedding photographer it is advisable to start looking on the Internet. Visit each photographer’s website. Carefully review his or her portfolio. Try to concentrate on photos and not on website design. Good photographers usually show plenty of their recent work online including full weddings Create a list of those photographers.

Now you have the list, you have to start interviewing all the photographs on that list. You should start with phone interviews. You can call or email each photographer on your list to find out a number of key pieces of information about them and their work, such as availability, type of photography, costs, services, etc. This way you will come to a short list of photographer that may have what you need.

You have to have a face-to-face interview with each photograph on your short list. There is huge number of possible questions you can ask your photographer. Most professional photographers will provide you with clear explanations about their services prior to any questions even asked. Anyway, make sure that at the end of the interview you have all the answers you need about: final pictures, reprints, costs, degrees of coverage, style, experience, guaranties, assistants, travel fees, overtime fee, originality, backup, technology, payment policy, etc.

Before signing any contract determine costs and read over the legal details of exactly what you will get. Try and negotiate price. Contrary to what you may have been told, everything is negotiable, including price, packages and wedding proofs. Make sure that the photographer you want is the photographer you will get at your wedding. Find out what part of your wedding day will be covered and how many hours you have with your photographer.

Choosing a wedding photographer for my wedding is going to be a difficult task. Although I have some names in mind, I will have to interview all of them carefully and decide which one of them suits my needs.

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  1. Susan Sabo says:

    Great post! i tell my potential clients that the single most important thing when considering a photographer is to be sure that they have a connection with that person. I tell them to hire someone they can see themselves hanging out with for a day; someone they could have dinner with. You’ll spend more time with your wedding photographer than practically anyone else, and it should be someone you feel totally, completely comfortable with!

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