Wedding ring pillows have a special place in any marriage ceremony. When the ring bearer walks toward the aisle carrying the wedding ring pillow, everybody’s gaze gets focused on this little entity. That is why you have to make sure that the ring pillow you chose is exactly what your wedding needs.

Think about the color. The pillow’s color should contrast with the rings. White gold or platinum rings may be lost on a white pillow, while a colored pillow will show them off more clearly. White and ivory are the most common colors, but some weddings also use the wedding colors or even bright and unique colors. If you are having a themed wedding, you might have it go along with the wedding colors or even have the design that you might find on the wedding cake or other kinds of decorations found in the wedding.

ring pillow color

Think about shape. Ring Pillows are usually a standard 8″ by 8″ square pillow. Most pillows are small squares, but you can also find heart-shaped pillows if you prefer something other than a square. There are also round Ring Pillows if you want something different.

ring pillow shape

Decide on the size. The average wedding ring pillow will be just large enough to fit both of the rings on it. It you are looking to have it on a pedestal, you might choose something which is a bit larger. It is important to make sure that you are choosing something which is not too large as the rings might very well get lost in the oversized wedding ring pillow.

ring pillow size

Decide on the design. Choose a design that matches your own personal style. Some wedding ring pillows are simple, elegant satin, while others are adorned with beads, pearls, jewels and lace.

ring pillow design

Think about your wedding style. There are the traditional lace covered ring pillows, the simple white satin, silk and velvet, brocade, and moiré fabric. Try and match the Ring Pillow to the formality of your wedding. If you are having a traditional wedding with a large bridal party and stunning white gown, then a hand lace covered Pillow or a silk and velvet Pillow would enhance your theme. If you are having a more modern look with vibrant colors and styles, then a Ring Pillow with an elegant simplicity would be more in your line.

ring pillow style

Think about the material. The pillow material should be able to hold the rings stable. Most pillows come with ribbons or other ways to attach the rings to slippery silk or satin.

ring pillow material

Choose the fabric. The fabric should be smooth and blemish free; even small tears or snags could get caught on the rings, leaving tendrils of fabric clinging to the prongs or settings of any diamonds or gemstones.

ring pillow fabric

Think about who carries it. While it is traditional to have a little girl or boy to carry the pillow, some have been choosing the family dog or cat to carry the pillow. Some may even decide to have no one to carry the pillow and instead have it on a pedestal at the altar along with the bride and groom. The function of the pillow to stay in place will determine the way that it will look based on how you want it presented.

ring pillow carrier

Pillow with ribbon. Purchase a ring pillow with ribbon to tie the rings to, especially if you’ll be using a young child as a ring bearer. This helps prevent the rings from getting lost and adds a touch of elegance to the pillow design.

ring pillow with ribon

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  1. Mahlare says:

    Im looking for the ring pillow and my theme colour is orange and choc my ring are white gold and my husband is mixed with gold and white gold so please help me on what colour will best suit for my ring

    • admin says:

      I believe you made a perfect choice for the color of your wedding ring, they match each other and they will give to the wedding the little contrasts that it needs.

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