The importance of your wedding day it’s not just about the bride and the groom, but about all the other small details that you need to take care of. One of these details is the toasting – flutes.

toasting flutes

The drinking glasses which are brought up for the bride and groom are called wedding toasting flutes, and they can come in numerous different types like silver toasting flutes, glass toasting flutes, crystal toasting flutes to name just a few.

toasting flutes

These glasses should be well thought out. They come in various designs. So, it’s best to decide on the theme of your wedding before you make this decision. For example, if the ceremony and reception are going to be a classic theme, then the flutes should also be classic.

wedding toasting flutes

Choose your color! Depending on how obsesses about the details, you can choose flutes for your wedding that are decorated with different colored details, so that it can match the color of your wedding theme.

colored toasting flutes

The tried-and-true standard, the champagne flute, is never a bad choice. Select a pair that reflect your individual style and reception, and make sure there’s a little something special to set them off.

toasting flutes

If you love the idea of a traditional champagne flute, but really want something different for your day, there are many options. There is a beautiful set which features teardrop glasses (flutes with stems that taper off to a point at the bottom), which are meant to be set into a silver base set up between the couple.

traditional toasting flutes

Everything regarding the wedding can be individualized these days, even these wedding toasting flutes, so for the couple with the time and budget to dispense with, go full-scale and get the toasting flutes even as extraordinary as every additional facet of the wedding. Whenever the couple has already browsed about and is still not able to retrieve anything which they feel is exceptional enough for their toasting ceremony, then the choice to go for is to come up with their own form.

individual toasting flutes

If the idea of a champagne flute just isn’t for you, never fear! Choices abound for those who would like to choose a more non-traditional route. For those non-alcohol drinkers, the bride and groom could toast with fine silver café au lait cups. For those who do imbibe, but aren’t crazy about champagne, consider a beautiful pair of martini glasses. Tropically-inclined couples could toast each other with hurricane glasses of delicious rum punch, and beer fans could lift engraved pilsner glasses. No matter what your tastes for toasting glasses, there is a perfect pair to match out there.

Martini toasting flutes

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