Bras. It is the leading piece of lingerie and the remaining play supporting roles. You need a bra that keeps you comfortable during dining, dancing and posing with your relatives.Begin by choosing your bra, you need one that has the right support, your favorite brand may have a bra to suit. You can choose anything from nipple covers for maximum exposure, invisible bras, and stick-on bras, strapless, push-ups through to bustier and corsets and full Body Shapes.

Regardless of which type of bra you choose buy under wire if you are full-busted or full-figured. If your wedding gown has a low or wide-cut neckline, or slender straps your best choice is a strapless bra. Many strapless bras have versatile straps that you can change or remove to suit. Long line bras can help slim your waistline and enhance your bust at the same time.

bridal bras

Slimmer. The girdles have become old fashioned and out of style these days. It is important to select the right slimming undergarments. Try and use fabrics like Spandex or Lycra as they help your body stiffer. Also make sure that you buy slimmer, bra, stockings, and shoes that are your exact fit. A garment that is used for body-support helps in giving a good shape and will help in improving the way your gown fits you.

bridal slimmer

Panties. Panties are also important when you choose the lingerie for your wedding. Panties under the wedding dress may or may not be a problem depending on the fit; some styles may be more revealing than others visible. Select close fitting – but not tight -panties that do not show, especially if you are wearing a tight fitting wedding dress. G-strings are great for this purpose, if you don’t mind wearing them. If your gown isn’t a narrow silhouette – you have more choice as the panties line will not show through and you may prefer more modest lingerie.

bridal panties

Wedding Corset or Bridal Bustier. Remember that the gown and underwear must work together so think what would work well with your dress style. If there’s already boning in the dress design and it is already been altered to give a snug fit, then a corset or bustier would be unsuitable. Likewise, if the dress is of a light material, corsetry support may well show through and look unsightly, then you may only need a light supporting bra with some briefs and a choice of hosiery.

bridal corset

The corset is designed to be quite a rigid piece of underwear with bones or ribs to both reduce the waistline and place emphasis on the bust and hips, giving a splendor hourglass look. When choosing a corset it should be a size or two smaller than you’re regular sizing to allow it to pull in and reduce the waistline by a few inches, and ideally have a tie fastening to provide some adjustment. A bustier is a little more forgiving and still has the effect of pushing up your bust but by a lesser tightening of the torso.

bridal bustier

Hosiery. You can wear a garner belt that is fancy, which has hooks to hold your thigh high hose. Make sure that you choose hosiery that fits perfectly around the waist so that it can’t be seen through the gown. Sometimes if you buy a garter that is inexpensive then there are chances that the pressure of the hose can pull the garter belt down. Before the wedding, make sure you had a dress rehearsal with the undergarments on.

bridal hosiery

Wedding Undies. When it comes to briefs there are maxi briefs, mini briefs, hipsters, high cut, low cut, g-strings and even mini-strings. A lot to do here is simply comfort and personal preference, making sure that whatever you chose any lace detailing isn’t going to show through your dress along with that dreaded VPL. It’s always nice to have a matching set and many bridal underwear collections often come with a choice of undies.

You can find all kinds of wedding undergarments that suit your style at

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Bridal Stockings & Garter. Lastly to consider is your wedding hosiery, stockings, hold-ups, suspender belts as well as the all important traditional garter for the classic thigh photo shot. Bear in mind that whatever you decide upon you’ll be wearing for the whole day and probably dancing the night away, so comfort is essential. It’s usually a good idea to have a spare pair of stockings or hold ups close to hand, just in case of any unwanted nicks or ladders. There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to colors so be sure to match the color of your underwear to your dress, just in case there’s a runaway strap on show for a moment or two!

bridal garter

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