Choosing between all the  wedding reception sites available is the most time consuming part of your wedding planning. Locating the right spot to host your fun, formal affair is your greatest challenge. Having the wedding reception in wedding ballrooms will lend a very different tone than having it in an old weathered barn on your grandfather’s farm.

Wedding Venues Ideas

Planning for wedding reception sites is a lifetime event. It is important to think about ideas of wedding locations that follows the theme and spirit of the wedding itself. Wedding receptions can be held in the same place where the wedding has taken place, or in a fresh location. There are myriad of sites to have a wedding reception, but choosing the right place depends on the type of reception the couple likes to hold.

First, you need to think about the average budget you have for this event. Maybe you can’t afford one of the more lavish  hotel banquet halls as your wedding reception site, but don’t underestimate the potential of even the simplest reception halls! With the right decor and decorative lighting, wedding halls can be transformed into amazing wedding venues. Once you’ve looked through all the local wedding venues ideas, start making site visits.  It is important to see all the possible wedding locations so you can make an informed decision. As soon as you find the one you love, reserve your date because the best venues sites book up fast!

Depending on the number of you guests you are going to need a larger or smaller parking area. So before choosing a place to have your wedding reception hold in mind the parking area problem.

It’s hard to settle for one venue when you have such a diversity of wedding venues ideas. You can have an elegant reception at a museum, where you will have a lot of space for your guests. Outdoors and mansions courtyards are great locations to have a wedding reception. They have great scenarios and views already with them. All of these are large open places and can hold large number of guests. By creating a wonderful setting with candles, flowers and light music restaurants and hotels became the ideal places to have your wedding reception.

If you have in mind some famous hotels for your wedding reception, make sure you make the booking a year or two in advance. That place may already be booked for a long period and you won’t get to have your wedding where you have always dreamed.

I have in mind some wedding reception ideas, but I don’t have a favorite one. But considering that I won’t have more than 150 guests at my wedding, I have a restaurant in mind for my wedding reception. It’s a small and elegant restaurant, located in the residential area of the city I live in. It has a big enough parking area, and a wonderful porch with a great view. My guests can admire the landscape, when they want to have a break from dancing. Anyway I’ll have to discuss it with my boyfriend.

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