Wedding bands are one of the most important details of your special day because of their special meaning. But that doesn’t mean that wedding bands have to have a classic and formal shape in order to express your union. If you are a couple with a very developed sense of humor, or if you just are really passionate about something, you can choose to include something funny in your wedding bands. Funny wedding bands that really say something about you are even more meaningful for your special day. Here are some ideas on how to make your wedding bands funny.

Ideas of funny wedding bands

Tattoo wedding bands

I am sure that there was at least one moment in your life when you thought about having a tattoo done somewhere on your body, but you had never had the actual courage to do it. Well, your wedding might be just the right time to do something a little bit crazier, but also funny and unique: tattoo wedding bands. If you think it’s a little too much to have tattoo wedding bands for the rest of your life, you can go with a non-permanent tattoo. This way you fulfilled a very old dream, and you also made sure it won’t affect all the rest of your life.

Funny wedding bands - tattoo

Funny wedding bands – tattoo (source:

IT themed wedding bands

More and more people work in this very vast domain, called IT. So, if you are one of all those people and you really love what you are doing, make your wedding bands express your passion. The most common way is to have the wedding bands engraved with binary code, but I am sure that if you think about it, there are many other ideas of IT related things you can engrave on your wedding bands, in order to make them funny.

Funny wedding bands - IT

Funny wedding bands – IT (source:

Engineering wedding bands

In my family we really like to make fun of those members who have a passion for fixing things and call them future engineers. So, if you or your future spouse, or both of you are engineers, why not let your wedding bands say this about yourselves? Make your funny wedding bands look like a Not and a Bolt, or as a vacuum tube, or as an internet plug. If you have any other idea of how to transpose your work into your wedding bands in order to make them funny, why not do it? After all it is your wedding and your wishes.

Funny wedding bands - engeneering

Funny wedding bands – engeneering (source: )

Funny shape wedding bands

We all agree that when it comes to wedding bands we think about a circle, or about something round. But what we don’t know is that nowadays there are wedding bands that have many other funny shapes than just round. Square wedding bands are very popular, but I have to admit that the snake shape wedding band is my favorite one. With such funny wedding bands, some people might have trouble believing that you are actually married, but you always know the truth.

Funny wedding bands - funny shape

Funny wedding bands – funny shape (source: )

Seasonal wedding bands

We can all say that we have a favorite season. For example mine is spring, because I love how nature always come back to life, and how its green inspires me. If you have a favorite season and you would like to have a permanent reminder of your secret love, you can personalize your wedding bands to express that special season.

Funny wedding bands - seasonal

Funny wedding bands – seasonal (source:

Animal themed wedding bands

Animals have always been our friends. No matter if we talk about a cat, or a dog, or a parrot, or a bunny, or a snake, any of them can represent an inspiration for your wedding bands. Animal themed wedding bands are not only funny, but they are really fashionable lately.

Funny wedding bands - animal themed

Funny wedding bands – animal themed (source:

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