Although the bride’s dress is the one that captures most of the attention on her wedding day, the groom’s wear is as important as the bride’s, as they have to choose attires that complement each other and make their special day perfect. After deciding what style of suit the groom is going to wear, he has to think about the shoes he is going to wear. The groom can find all kinds of footwear on, but to choose the right one, he has to take into consideration some factors. They are as follows:

groom's shoes The Fabric of the Shoes. The most common choice of fabric is leather. No matter if it is soft or heavy leather, these shoes not only that will give a breathing space for your feet, but they will also give the groom a perfect wear for such an important event like his wedding.

groom's shoes fabric

Design of the Shoes. Protocol dictates that grooms wedding shoes should have laces and never buckles, as buckles detract from the elegance of the outfit. It is also recommended that the shoes  be plain, with no patterns or pleats. With a simple design of his shoes, the groom will have an elegant wear for his wedding day.

groom's shoes design

Color of the shoes.When talking about grooms shoes, black is always the safe color because it goes with everything.  It does not matter if your tux is black, brown, or purple, black shoes always compliments the ensemble. But, if the groom really wants to match his wedding shoes to his wedding suit, he should choose a color that complements it.

groom's shoes color

Match the suit. Another important thing for a groom’s wear is to make sure the shoes match his wedding tux and suit. Usually  the shops that sell bridegroom dresses, offer matching shoes too.  Almost all the time the seller will present  the corresponding wedding dresses, suits and shoes.

groom's shoes match the suit

Comfort of the Shoes. When you choose the shoes, the groom should think about the fact that he is going to spend at least 12 hours wearing them, so the groom may want to make sure that he doesn’t stuff his size thirteen into a size ten. Leather dress wedding shoes can vary from heavy or soft leather but either way, leather allows the feet to breathe.

groom's shoes comfort

Casual Wedding Shoes. Many grooms choose a more casual and fun approach to their wedding and opt to wear tennis or canvas shoes with trendy socks. You can also opt for sandals or anything less formal which can be worn for weddings on the beach, or in the country.  The casual wedding shoes are also common forthose weddings where the bride and groom have gone for their own style and have moved away from tradition.

groom's shoes casual

Fitting of the Shoes. A good thing for grooms to remember when they go out to shop for their wedding shoes is to take socks and/or insoles that they will be wearing at the wedding, along with them.

groom's shoes fitting

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