Handmade origami cake topper

Origami is one of the Asian arts that have always intrigued the population of other continents. And it is my opinion that we should be fascinated about this art, because not many people can say that they can understand or even practice it. But, although it requires a lot of work and patience origami is very popular when talking about wedding decorations; and cake toppers do not make an exception.

Handmade origami cake topper

Handmade origami cake topper (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/MeMyselfandTe)

Handmade  gum paste cake topper

In my opinion gum paste is one of the ingredients that can be used the easiest in order to decorate a cake or to create a cake topper. Gum paste also requires a lot of patience and attention to details but the effort is worthed, because the result is delicious handmade cake toppers that will make the entire wedding guest want to taste it.

Handmade gum paste cake topper

Handmade gum paste cake topper (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/JewelsAndAbove)

Handmade paper flower bouquet

Paper flower bouquet is a new trend among the young nonconformist brides. Easy to make, a paper flower bouquet will bring the colors you need to make your cake special. Although some ecologists might argue that many trees are cut in order to obtain the paper used for this cake topper, other would say that having actual flowers as cake topper is worse than paper flowers. Creating a paper flower bouquet is not easy, as you have to know something about origami art, but the result is definitely breathtaking.

Handmade paper flower bouquet

Handmade paper flower bouquet (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/DragonflyExpression)

Handmade wood carved love birds

Wood carving is another art that I have always admired. It has always been a mystery how you can take a piece of wood and start carving it till you obtain a shape that is so perfect and so wonderful. I have tried it myself once, but I gave up because I wasn’t getting anywhere. But, as you can see in this cake topper, this art has amazing outcomes.

Handmade wood carved love birds

Handmade wood carved love birds (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/SuppliesbyWKStudios)

Handmade deer felt cake topper

Do you remember Bamby? Bamby it’s a baby dear from a cartoon, that grows up in the forest surrounded by all the other animals who are her friends. When I first saw this cake topper I remembered Bamby, because these dears are as cute and sweet as Bamby was. Made by hand, these deer are crafted from high quality felt. The adornments are a combination of felt, ribbons, fabric flowers, and vintage buttons handpicked.  So if you remember Bamby or if you just love these tiny animals, chose them as your wedding cake topper.

Handmade felt deer cake topper

Handmade felt deer cake topper (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/deargirlface)

Handmade stone carved cake topper

I said before that I find wood carving amazingly difficult. But I find stone carving a lot more difficult. You have to really have talent in order to know where and how hard to hit the stone in order to break as you want it to break. I admire people who can carve into stone, and I would definitely have such a topper on my wedding cake in order to show my appreciations for their work.

Handmade stone carved cake topper

Handmade stone carved cake topper (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/kikuike?ref=pr_profile)

Handmade crocheted love birds cake topper

I look at this cake topper and I remember my grandmother who used to crochet baby shoes and give them as gifts for all her neighbors who had babies. I loved those little shoes and I love these little birds too. I have to admit you have to have a true gift in order to create something like this.

Handmade crocheted love birds cake topper

Handmade crocheted love birds cake topper (source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Denizmum?ref=seller_info)

Handmade cotton candy heart cake topper

I don’t know about you but when I saw this cake topper I became speechless. This is definitely my top choice when talking about cake toppers. Heart has always been the symbol of love, but this heart means more than just love, this heart makes me feel like I am out of time and untouchable, and this is how I would like my love story to be.

Handmade cotton heart cake topper

Handmade cotton heart cake topper (source: http://www.etsy.com/people/cherrytime)

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