There is no time like New Year’s Eve to say I DO. It is the perfect evening for fabulous cocktail attire, glitz and glam and the excitement of new beginnings. A New Year’s Eve wedding is a perfect way to celebrate a double beginning: of your new life and of a new year.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

New Year’s Eve Wedding Attire

Have your guests wear their most elegant attire by making it a special black tie event. The bride would look beautiful wearing a Long Satin Gown with shimmering sequins and a glittery tiara. The bridesmaids can wear long black velvet gowns  and the groomsmen in all black tuxedos.

New year's wedding attire

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Time-line

If you choose to have a wedding on Dec. 31, you might want to plan the wedding during the afternoon or early evening, and the reception at night (maybe starting at 10 p.m., so that guests arrive in time for the ball to drop at midnight). This way, you can have a traditional ceremony at a church or other location, and then change into party attire for the evening reception.

new year;s eve wedding

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Colors

Ideal color schemes for a New Year’s Eve wedding reception are silver and black or silver and white.

new year;s eve wedding colors

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Invitations

Send out “save the date” cards as soon as you know the date, and send out your invites three months in advance instead of just two to give your guests plenty of time to make plans. For the invitation style, choose white and gold or white and silver.

new year;s eve wedding invitations

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Decorations

To make a festive atmosphere, place noise makers, party hats, candles, and confetti  on the tables. Place balloons, white lights, and glittery snowflakes throughout. Place a large clock right behind the DJ to countdown, or have a large screen TV to watch the ball drop! Also, place balloons in netting over the dance floor to drop down at the stroke of midnight.

new year;s eve wedding decorations

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Favors

There are a lot of favors that would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve. You can make a personalized calendar, a festive mini candy jar, fortune cookies, fortune bubbles ornaments, little bottles of champagne.

new year;s eve wedding favors

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Food

Sit down meals are expected at a black tie event.  Serve items such as hot wings, scallops and bacon, mini sandwiches and lots of desserts. A chocolate fountain adds a special touch to a late night. Meet with a few wedding caterers so you can choose the company that can prepare the dishes you want.

new year;s eve wedding food

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Drinks

Make a coffee station a highlight. This is useful for guests who are not used to staying up late. Consider having an espresso or cappuccino machine set up as well.. Having a dedicated barista is a nice touch for a New Year’s Eve wedding.

new year"s eve wedding drinks

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Fireworks

Fireworks are often a part of a New Year’s celebration. Including fireworks in your reception can be a fun way to end the night. Alternatively, the guests can send the bride and groom off by waving lit sparklers instead of blowing bubbles or throwing birdseed. Check local laws to be sure your fireworks display is legal.

new year;s eve wedding fireworks

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