In the past articles we have talked about all the details you need to think about when planning your wedding. We talked about choosing your dress, your venue, your theme and all the decoration you need to make your wedding day perfect. But if you want to make your wedding day more special that it already is, I have a few ideas for you. One of them is choosing wedding balloons as decorations for your wedding.

wedding balloon

Wedding balloons have became a very popular decoration in the past few years, as you can use it for anything, starting with your wedding and finishing with you birthday party. Here are some ideas about the things you can choose to decorate with balloons.

wedding balloon

Balloon pew ends. Balloon pew ends decorated with ribbons and balloon columns linking together down the aisle will give your guest the impression that they are stepping in a fairytale. Not only that they are cheaper than the flowers, but they will help you relax and feel more confident when saying “I do.”

balloon pew ends

Balloon arches. Balloon arches can be used as a special decoration for your wedding ceremony or at the entrance of your reception venue. At the reception, the arch represents the union of the grooms. At the receptions the arch can symbolize the entrance into a different world, a world of love and happiness. Guests can also use balloon arches as a photo backdrop.

balloon arch

Dance floor canopies. Dance floor canopies are really popular nowadays, as they create a very intimate atmosphere for the grooms, as they have their first dance under it. Dance floor will help you create a special feeling as you will be separated from the rest of the room with draping fabric overhead.

balloon canopy

Balloon columns. No matter if you use them in the church as pew ends, or at the entrance of your event or around the edge of your reception room, balloon columns represent a perfect way to let your guest know that an amazing event is taking place.

balloon column

Balloon sculptures. For weddings, the most common sculpture represents a big heart made of balloons. But there are a lot of couples who choose to have something special for both of them made of balloons. For example, if you had ice-cream for your first date, you can choose to have an ice-cream made of balloons at your wedding.

balloon sculpture

Balloon bouquets. Balloon bouquets can be used as table topiaries. Balloon bouquets make great centerpieces. You can combine elements like flowers in a basket to create a different look and fun for your centerpieces.

balloon bouquets

Balloon printing. Balloon printing is a great way to promote your wedding or you as a couple.  Many couple choose to have a picture with them printed on balloons and put them at the entrance of your reception place. This way all the guest will recognize the happy couple.

balloon printing

Balloon wedding gown. For those brides who want to make an impression on their wedding day, there are companies that create wedding gowns of balloons. It can be really expensive but it can also be a perfect way to make sure that no one forgets your wedding day.

balloon wedding gown

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