Nowadays, when planning their wedding, most of the couples want to make their big day different, personalized. Choosing to have a champagne fountain at your wedding is one way to make sure that all your guest will remember it. A champagne fountain not only that allows you to serve drinks at your wedding without a bartender, but it can also be a great focal point for the food table, and the choice of all your female guests.

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Champagne fountain cost

The fountain by itself it is not expensive, but depending on the type of champagne or the type of any other drink you choose, and the quantity of champagne that you need, the cost can vary anywhere between 10.000$ to over 25.000$.

wedding champagen fountain cost

Where to put it

When deciding the location of a champagne fountain, you should consider two main spots. One of them is on the center of the food table, and the other is by the bar. No matter where you choose to put the champagne fountain, just make sure that all your guests can reach it, and that you can keep the drink cold during the entire party. If you want to make it even more special than it already is, you can choose to have an ice sculpture involved. An ice sculpture can serve double purpose: it is a nice way to decorate your food table and your champagne fountain; it can also keep the champagne cool.

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Choosing the drink

When you decide to have a champagne fountain at your wedding you think you will actually use it for champagne, but you can also use it for other alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks. You can choose to serve cocktails, such as Summer Fruit Sour, Mystic Rose Punch, or Gin Punch, or you can choose to serve fruit punch.

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Champagne fountain design

There are two main ways that you can have a champagne fountain at your wedding: you can choose to have the classic style, made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel, or you can choose to built a champagne tower of champagne glasses. Either way, make sure that you have enough champagne for your wedding party.

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