Throwing things at a newly married couple is a very old tradition that may date back to ancient Rome or Egypt or even further back. The custom is intended to give newlyweds good luck, and most of the items thrown at the couple represent fertility and abundance.

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In the past, couples have opted for being showered with grains of rice as a wish for a large harvest or a new family.  Today some popular and classic alternatives are the release of pure white doves and colorful butterflies.

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Dove releases

White doves at weddings symbolize a celebration, new beginnings, peace, love and serenity. Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death. Wedding doves can represent eternal life, love, happiness and unity.

The dove release for special occasions like a wedding ceremony is a moving experience, perfectly suited to the overall mood of the day and the meaning of marriage. The doves can be released at various times during the wedding day. They can be released by the newlyweds as they exit the ceremony to the cheers of well wishers and family. There are couples that choose to release the doves during the photo session after the vows. If the reception is held outside the doves can be released at the cutting of the cake. They can be released all at the same time, or two by two.

The trained white doves, ranging in number from two to 20, circle the couple and then fly away, denoting the newlyweds’ departure from their families and toward life’s new journey. It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day it will assure a happy home, good fortune, and ever- lasting love.

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Butterfly releases

Releasing butterflies in a fairly new trend that can add a lively touch to your wedding. Throughout many cultures, butterflies symbolize transformation and beauty, and therefore, they are a perfect complement to a celebration of marriage.

There is a legend that goes around about the butterfly releases. According to the legend, to make a wish you must capture a butterfly and whisper to it your wish. The butterfly then keeps that wish secret and takes the wish to the Great Spirit.

The butterflies can be released at a chosen time during the wedding day. They can be released when the couple exits the ceremony, or during the photo session, or during their first dance, or when the couple is cutting the cake. The bride and groom can choose to release all the butterflies themselves or opt for individual boxes with a butterfly for each guest to release. Everyone wants their wedding to stand out. The incorporation of unique elements can make all the difference. For a blend of innovation and fun, consider adding a touch of modernity with a to your celebration.

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No matter if you choose doves or butterflies to be released on your wedding day, just make sure you are thinking about a wish when they are released. You never know, it might come true!

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