A fantastic and unique way to introduce a real wow at your wedding is by choosing to have an ice sculpture as your main centerpiece. Ice sculptures are not only very photogenic, but they can be touched and will be admired by all who see them, or they can allow you to serve cold drinks at all time during your reception.

Wedding Ice Sculpture

Wedding Ice Sculpture (source: http://www.arizonaiceman.com/ )

Find the carver

One way to find a professional carver is to ask around all your friends and family for referrals. You can also find a carver on the internet, but before hiring him/her make sure that the cost is worth. If you are having your reception at a hotel, or in a reputable restaurant, they might have on ice carver among their personnel.  As soon as you decide on one ice carver, contact him/her and decide on the ice sculpture.


Picture source: http://www.ice-sculpture.org/

Ice Sculpture Cost

If you are choosing a classical one block ice sculpture, you should expect to pay anywhere between 400 to 600 $, for your ice sculpture (with everything included). The price varies if you want the ice sculpture decorated with flowers, balloons, candles, or lightening displays.

Wedding ice sculpture

Wedding ice sculpture (source: http://www.weddingandpartynetwork.com/ )

How long it lasts

Depending on the design of your ice sculpture, you can typically expect it to look good for approximately 5 to 7 hours, when in a controlled 70 degree environment. If your wedding will be an outdoor event, exposure to the elements will reduce the lasting time of your ice sculpture to less than 5 hours.

Wedding Ice Sculpture

Wedding Ice Sculpture (source: http://www.rockonice.com/ )

Ice Sculpture Style

When you choose the style of your ice sculpture you have to decide if you want to go with the most common picks, or you want your ice sculpture to meet your wedding theme and style. For example, if you are having a Paris themed wedding, an ice sculpture representing The Eifel Tour is the best choice. If you are choosing a classical ice sculpture, here are the most common choices:

Wedding ice sculpture Tour Eiffel

Wedding ice sculpture Tour Eiffel (source: http://www.weddingandpartynetwork.com/)

Cherub Ice Sculptures

Cherubs are a timeless classic for weddings, and offer a number of options for a sculpture. You can choose two cherubs holding a banner or heart, or add musical instruments for a cute twist. To make your cherubs ice sculpture functional you can add an ice luge feature that can be used to dispense drinks at your reception.

Wedding ice sculpture cherub

Wedding ice sculpture cherub (source: http://www.icework.co.uk/)

Heart Ice Sculptures

Hearts are another classic, and can be as simple or elaborate as you like – choose a series of interlinked hearts for a breathtaking centerpiece on the bridal table, or choose smaller hearts for all tables. You could even position a giant heart or two at the entrance of your reception venue for a romantic touch.

wedding ice sculpture heart

wedding ice sculpture heart (source: http://www.michiganweddingsolutions.com/ )

Swan Sculptures

Swans are always an instant hit, as they offer the classical romantic view. Nothing could be more romantic than a pair of entwined swans. If you want to have your guests mesmerized, place on the bridal table or at the entrance of your reception a swan sculpture, made entirely of ice.

Favorite Characters

If you have always secretly dreamed of a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, or a Little Mermaid under the sea wedding, then a life-like ice sculpture of your favorite character will be the ultimate way to bring your dream wedding to life.


Picture source: http://www.icedragonice.com/

Bride and Groom’s Names

If you want an ice sculpture, but you also want to keep it simple, choose a design that has your names sculpted in ice.

Wedding ice sculpture name

Wedding ice sculpture name (source: http://www.icesculpturesbydarrenho.com/)

Functional Ice Sculptures

Most of the couples choose to have an ice sculpture that is also a functional piece. For example, use an ice luges to pour cocktails, or serve champagne and snacks on a layer platter made of ice.

ice sculpture functional

ice sculpture functional (source: http://www.icemiracles.com/)

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