A wedding thank you card is normally sent by a newly married couple to express gratitude and thanks to all of those who attended their wedding or send gifts to them or some special people who help them make their big day memorable. I believe that we can all agree that wedding thank you cards are more meaningful than wedding favors, as they your real appreciation for all your wedding guests.

How to personalize your wedding thank you cards

When talking about custom wedding thank you cards your imagination should go as far as you would like it to go. There are no restrictions for personalized wedding thank you cards, but make sure that they have good taste, and that they really represent what you want them to represent.

Custom design for wedding thank you cards

As most couples purchase the wedding thank you cards along with their wedding invitations, it is obvious that their design should match the design on the invitations. So you have to custom the colors, the writing style, and the printed images of your thank you cards, so that they match the ones on your wedding invitations. As thank you cards are small, the graphic design on them should be a simple one, but that does not mean that you can’t add a small picture, your names or initials, or a monogram.

Personalized desing for thank you cards

Personalized design for wedding thank you cards (source: http://toronto.olx.ca/ )

Custom text on your wedding thank you cards

A thank you card is usually composed of four parts: the greeting, the expression of gratitude and appreciation, and text that offers a link between the past and the future and shows to all your guest how important they are to you, and the closing remark. Your thank you card can be personalized on all the three parts of its text, or only on one. But the most popular custom part is the third one. The third part offers you to create a personalized text for each of your wedding guests, in which you tell them exactly why they are important to you, and why you appreciate them being with you on your wedding day. The closing remark can include another thank you phrase. Also your thank you card text can have a personalized style or font. If you want to go even further, you can choose to hand write all the cards. It is a little demanding, but it is worth for your wedding guests.

Personalized text for wedding thank you cards

Personalized text for wedding thank you cards (source: http://lilduckduck.com/)

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