Nowadays, many brides, when planning their wedding reception, are including custom imprinted wedding napkins. These personalized printed napkins add a personal touch to your wedding by complementing your color scheme by featuring the bride and groom’s monogram or initials on the paper or cloth bridal napkins.

Printed Wedding Napkins

As we talked about the wedding toast flutes, there are all kinds of things that you can print on your wedding napkins to make sure they are personalized and custom. Here are some examples:

Your names and your wedding date

Having your names and your wedding date printed or engraved on your wedding details is as personal as you can get about your wedding. Although wedding napkins have been personalized with the names of the spouses for a long time now, having the wedding date also printed is a more modern way to custom your wedding napkins. The writing styles range from traditional to modern, so when you choose the style and the font for your custom wedding napkins think about the formality of the event.

Custom Wedding Napkins Name and Date

Custom Wedding Napkins Name and Date (source: )

Printed monograms on your wedding napkins

Monogrammed napkins feature single monogram letters in a variety of font styles and designs, custom printed on paper napkins for wedding receptions. Most of the couples choose to have a monogram of their initials printed on their wedding napkins, but there are also couple that prefer having a monogram of a symbol of their relationship printed. For example, I know this couple, who met in Paris, and chose to personalize their wedding napkins by having a monogram of the Eiffel Tower printed on their wedding napkins.

Custom Wedding Napkins Monogram

Custom Wedding Napkins Monogram (source: )

Pictures on your wedding napkins

Having your wedding details personalized by adding your picture is a very popular trend nowadays. You can custom your wedding napkins too, by printing a picture of the two of you, or a picture of a place that is full of meaning for you and your relationship, or a picture that has both. For example, if you are a couple passionate skydiving, having a picture of the two of you skydiving printed on your wedding napkins would be a perfect way to customize them.

Custom Wedding Napkins Picture

Custom Wedding Napkins Picture (source: )

Seasonal wedding napkins

We can all agree that having your names or you picture printed on your wedding details is not the only way to personalize your wedding. A more discreet but meaningful way is by choosing designs that match the season your wedding is taking place in. For example, I am a very big fan of fall weddings, especially because of the colors. For a fall wedding, it would be very nice and elegant to custom your wedding napkins with a symbol of fall: a leaf, a pumpkin, or maybe a maple syrup. Choosing the right color and the right design, you will have the perfect personalized wedding napkins.

Custom Wedding Napkin Seasonal

Custom Wedding Napkin Seasonal (source:

Add some text to your wedding napkins.

Another very popular trend when talking about custom wedding napkins is to have a little text printed on them. Choosing the words might represent a challenge, but most of the couples go with words from their vows or from poetry they both like, of from their favorite song or a special quote about weddings, or even a verse about love form the Bible. Either way, those words have a lot of meaning for you and they will become special for all your wedding guests.

Custom Wedding Napkins Text

Custom Wedding Napkins Text (source: )

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