Spring is associated with the beginning of a new life. On spring the sun is shining, the grass is green, and your love is blooming. Spring is a joyous time of year and the perfect time to plan a wedding. There are many themes for a spring wedding, and all of these themes have their perfect choices of elegant wedding favors.

Spring wedding favors

Spring is the season of bright colors and blooming flowers, so embrace it with your wedding favors.

Flowers as wedding favors

Spring is all about flowers and lots of them! For your spring themed wedding, you may want to bring in as many floral themed wedding items that you can to give your wedding atmosphere a spring like feeling. Besides having lots of fresh or silk flowers at your wedding you may also choose flower shaped candles, votive, dishes and other floral themed wedding favors to delight your guests.

Floral spring wedding favors

Floral spring wedding favors (source: http://trulyweddingfavors.com/ )

Butterflies as wedding favors

Spring also makes us think about butterflies. Butterflies have always been a popular theme for weddings, especially in the spring. If you are looking to incorporate this theme into your wedding, there are many elegant butterfly favors to choose from. There are butterflies on everything from place card holders to fortune cookies, bottle stoppers to photo frames, and everything in between, all of them elegant and nice.

Butterfly spring wedding favors

Butterfly spring wedding favors (source: http://www.littlethingsfavors.com/)

Practical Spring Favors

For practical brides, giving useful gifts to all your guest may be more important than looks or taste. If this is the case, consider giving guests umbrellas or ponchos to fend off raindrops as elegant wedding favors. Margarita or martini glasses are spring favor ideas for friends who spend the season enjoying their patios during the evenings. For a floral themed wedding giving small garden spades or hand rakes, or even small personalized set for gardening is another practical wedding favor.

Practical spring wedding favors

Practical spring wedding favors (source:http://www.weddingstar.com/)

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