Wedding bands have a special meaning as they represent your union and the material proof of your marriage. Is this why nowadays all the couples choose to add an even more sentimental value to their wedding bands and have them engraved with a personalized choice of wording that has been meaningful to them.

When talking about custom engraved wedding bands there are numerous ideas regarding the words you could choose. As most of the wedding bands can be engraved with up to 30 characters, you have to make sure that you say a lot using only with few words. Unless you have a special phrase that has always been your guidance in your relationship, choosing the right words can be really difficult. Here are some ideas of messages that people like to engrave on their wedding bands to make theme personalized.

Ideas of custom engraved wedding bands

Engraved names or initials and wedding date

Personalizing the wedding bands by engraving the names and the wedding date is the most popular choice among all the couples that prefer a classic approach. If your names are too long and do not allow you to use them, you can always go with only the initials and the wedding date. This style of engraving your wedding bands is not only a way to personalize them, but it can be really useful in time: on one hand you will never forget your wedding anniversary, and on the other hand, your future heirs will be able to research the family and create an accurate genealogical history.

Engraved wedding bands - names and wedding date

Engraved wedding bands – names and wedding date (source:

Engraved funny phrases

For those couples with a very developed sense of humor here engraving a funny message on their wedding bands is the perfect way to personalize them. You can use all kinds of messages as long as they remind you of a funny moment you have been through together, or of a funny promise you made to each other. For example I know a couple who used to make a race out of anything so when they got married they had their wedding bands engraved with a custom message that sounded like this “Race you to the shower!” Whenever they read that message a smile comes up their faces.

Engraved wedding bands - funny phrases

Engraved wedding bands – funny phrases (source:

Engraved romantic phrases

Romantic phrases are the top choice for romantic couples. When I think about a romantic message that could be engraved on my personalized wedding bands I remember one of the love declarations my boyfriend wrote for me. Among all those wonderful words he said “You bring up the best in me”. So if you are one of all the romantic couples out there you should consider having such a personalized message engraved on your wedding bands.

Engraved wedding bands - romantic phrases

Engraved wedding bands – romantic phrases (source:

Engraved religious phrases

Most of the people who say that believe in god, have a favorite verse from the bible, a verse that comes into their mind whenever they think about their life and their meaning into this world. And of all those people, some choose to have those words engraved on their personalized wedding bands. If I were to engrave my wedding bands with a religious phrase I would use this one: “At the beginning was the Word and Word was with God and the Word was God!”

Engraved wedding bands - religious phrases

Engraved wedding bands – religious phrases (source:

Engraved symbols

There are many symbols that have special meaning for life and marriage, or even for your relationship. You can choose a simple hart, or doves or butterflies as a symbol of your love. Or you can choose to find a symbol for your names in a different alphabet. Or you can create your own and unique symbol that represents you as a couple. If I were to engrave a symbol on my personalized wedding bands I would try to find one that says “I choose love” , as my family was against my boyfriend at the beginning.

Engraved wedding bands - symbol

Engraved wedding bands – symbol (source: )

Engraved special phrases

As we are spiritual human being, we tend to find in the books we read, in the movies we watch, in the songs we listen to, phrases that say something true about us, or about our relationship. After we find those words we hold on to them and we want to have them engraved on anything meaningful, even our wedding bands. My special phrase is from a song and sounds like this “If tomorrow never comes, would he know how much I love him?” When I think about this phrase I realize that people around us, especially my boyfriend, need to know how we feel about them, and I tell them as often as possible.

Engraved wedding bands - special phrase

Engraved wedding bands – special phrase (source:

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