Wedding stickers represent one of the most popular ways to personalize each and every detail of a wedding. Wedding stickers usually show the names of the happy spouses and their wedding date and have a personalized design that adds a special touch to the wedding. Personalized stickers can be used in many creative way for weddings if you let your imagination go free.

How to personalize wedding stickers

Personalized wording for wedding stickers. When we talk about personalized stickers for weddings words are extremely important, as they are the ones that set the personal touch. Most of the couples choose to go with the classic names and wedding date, written in different styles and colors. But there are also couples who choose to add a very short phrase that has a special meaning for them. For example, my friends had their wedding stickers imprinted with the message “You bring up the best in me” along with their names and wedding date.

Personalized wedding stickers - wording

Personalized wedding stickers - wording (source: )

Personalized labels for wedding stickers. After you decide what you want to have printed on your wedding stickers, you have to decide how you want it to look like. The style, color, shape and arrangement of your words will create your dream label. In my opinion, if you don’t have any idea of what you want, choosing the right label for your wedding stickers is going to be one of the hardest decisions, as there are thousands of choices. A piece of advice: choose the style, the color and the shape each at the time, and then create an arrangement that inspires you. You will make your unique and personalized stickers for your wedding.

Personalized wedding stickers - labels

Personalized wedding stickers - labels (source: )

Personalized shape for wedding stickers. The most common shapes for wedding stickers are round, square and rectangle. But who says you have to choose any of this shapes? There are many companies that specialize in creating unique and personalized shapes for wedding stickers. Thanks to them you can now choose from heart shaped, flower shaped, leaf shaped, star shaped, butterfly shaped, pear shaped, flip flop shaped or any other shape you can think about. All you have to do is decide which sticker shape is more suited for you and your wedding style.

Personalized wedding stickers - custom shape

Personalized wedding stickers - custom shape (source: )

Personalized design for wedding stickers. When I talk about the design of wedding stickers I think about how is going to look the area that is not covered by words. Design is very important as it is the factor that will steal your guests eyes. There are numerous styles, colors, and shapes that can be mixed in order to create an unique personalized design for wedding stickers. The easiest way to choose is to think about your wedding theme and style. For example if you are having a winter themed wedding, you could choose personalized stickers that show snowflakes. Also, many couples choose to have a picture of them printed on the stickers, which is the ultimate trend when talking about personalized stickers for weddings.

Personalized wedding stickers - design

Personalized wedding stickers - design (source: )

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