When it comes to weddings, candies are used most of the times as wedding favors. But there are couples how choose to use candy as centerpieces on their wedding tables or as desert for the wedding party. Candies come in huge variety of size, shape and flavor, so if you don’t have a favorite one, it will be really difficult to choose the candy you want to personalize and include in your wedding. In this article we are going to talk about some of the choices of personalized wedding candy you have.

Ideas of personalized wedding candy

Personalized Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most elegant and loved desert in the whole world. We eat chocolate if we are happy or sad, or nervous, or anxious, or impatient. Chocolate is always our friend, so if you choose to give personalized chocolate as wedding favors, there is no way you can go wrong. There are many ways to personalize chocolate: you can have the actual chocolate embossed with a message of your choice, or you can have the chocolate wrap customized in any way you want. Either way your wedding guest will love the unique and delicious favors you chose for them.

Personalized wedding candy - chocolate

Personalized wedding candy – chocolate (source: http://limcorp.net/)

Personalized Swirl Pops

Although  swirl pops are adored by children in general, I can say that I know many adults, me included, who like this tipe of candy. The swirl pops come in numerous flavors and sizes and can simple be personalized by adding your initials and wedding date imprinted on them. Although not all your guest will be happy receiving a swirl pop as wedding favors, this type of candy is always a success with young people and children.

Personalized wedding candy - swirl pops

Personalized wedding candy – swirl pops (source:http://www.amazon.com/)

Personalized Mints

I believe that I am right when I say that everybody loves mints. We ear them in the morning, or in the afternoon or in the evening, or after having a meal, in order to freshen up our breath. Mints are wonderful. This is why, having personalized mints as wedding favors is a great idea. This type of candy is not only sweet and tasteful, but it also offers you the refreshment you sometimes need so desperately.

Personalized wedding candy - mints

Personalized wedding candy – mints (source: http://www.navyandlavender.com/ )

Personalized Miniatures Bars

Candy bars are also one of the most common favors that people choose for their wedding. No matter if you choose to have the same flavor for all the candy bars, or if you choose candy bars with different flavor, your wedding guests will love it. Personalized the wrapping paper in your own unique style and your guest will have a sweet memory of your wedding day.

Personalized wedding candy - candy bars

Personalized wedding candy – candy bars (source: http://misscharlottes.com/)

Personalized Fortune Cookies

We can all admit that we love to know what comes next or what will happen to us in the future. Your wedding is the perfect moment to make a wonderful prediction for your wedding guest. Take some time to think about each of your guest and about what they want most in their life and compose some personalized prediction for each of them. Have the predictions introduced in fortune cookies and make sure that they are given to the right person. Nothing will make your wedding guests happier than a personalized prediction of their future.

Personalized wedding candy - fortune cookies

Personalized wedding candy – fortune cookies (source: http://www.intimateweddings.com/)


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