We can all agree that most of the times men do not get involved in planning their wedding as much as their future wife would like them to. But although they let the future bride to take care of most of the planning, that doesn’t mean they don’t help them make some important decisions. But most of the times the bride and the groom do not plan their wedding by themselves; they get help from their mothers and fathers. The father of the bride, as well as the father of the groom, has important roles in a wedding.

The main responsibility of the father of the groom is to help the young couple with advice or finance if they need it; while the father of the bride has to do all that plus walking the bride down the aisle. Although it seems little work, it can get very stressful. So you, as a couple, should make sure that the gifts you buy for each of your fathers is perfect and meaningful for them, and that they say “thank you for your help” in a very unique and special way.

Gifts Ideas for father of the bride and father of the groom

Personalized pieces of clothing

The wedding of their son or daughter can be very emotional for the father of the bride, as well as the father of the bride. Is this why a hat, or t-shirt, or even tie personalized with a special message that says “father of the bride” and “father of the groom” is a perfect gift for them. Having these personalized pieces of clothing around them, the fathers will always remember they day their son or their daughter got married and what a big change that day meant for their family. The father of the bride, as well as the father of the groom will truly appreciate such gifts.

Clothing as father wedding gift

Clothing as father wedding gift (source: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/ )

Personalized cufflinks

In my opinion, offering cufflinks represent the most elegant gift you could offer to your father. It is probably because most of the men wear cufflinks only at fancy events. So offering personalized cufflinks to your father is the perfect elegant way to show him your appreciation for him. No matter if the cufflinks have imprinted the classic “father of the bride” or “father of the groom” message, or a special saying that you both love, or just your initials, your father will always remember your wedding day when we wears the cufflinks.

Cufflinks as father wedding gift

Cufflinks as father wedding gift (source: http://www.personalisedgiftideas.co.uk/e )

Personalized watch

If you want to offer your father a gift that he could wear each and every day as a fresh memory of your special wedding day, than a personalized watch is the gift you need. All you have to do is to make sure you bay the watch that matches you father’s style and engrave it with a special message that has a profound and personal meaning for the two of you. Finding the perfect message might be a challenge, but think about the things you did together when you were a child, and try to remember an advice that he gave you and you always treasure it. Such a gift will make your father very nervous but also very happy.

Watch as father wedding gift

Watch as father wedding gift (source: http://www.heartsmith.com/ )

Personalized frame

It is said that a picture can say a thousand more words that any of us could try to express. Giving your father a picture from your childhood or your entire life that would remind him of the perfect times you spent together will be the ultimate gesture for emotional gifts. Find a picture form your first fishing trip, or from your first hiking trip, or from your first Disney Park trip, and make sure it expresses your love for him. Such a gift not only that would make your father happy, but it will convince him he did a wonderful job as a father.

Frameas father wedding gift

Frames as father wedding gift (source:http://www.bridalbuds.com/ )

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