Mothers play such an important role in our existence: they give us life, they raise us, they educate us, they offer us support, and they help us when we need them. It is my opinion that we don’t need a special occasion in order to offer a gift to our mothers. But if a special occasion, like your wedding, occurs, you should definitely buy a special gift for your mother.

When planning a wedding, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom are almost as busy as the bride and groom. They have important decisions to make and important things to take care of. In these circumstances it is only fair to offer them a special wedding gift, just to say “Thank You!” In this article we are going to talk about a few ideas of wedding gifts for mothers.

Ideas of personalized wedding gifts for mothers

Personalized bags as gifts for mothers

As mothers have been through life and have a lot of experience they will know how to appreciate a gift that is not only special but it is also useful. Bags are a perfect choice of wedding gift for mothers, as they can come in handy for different occasions. No matter if it is a cosmetic bag, or a tote bag, or a mini tote bag, or a sports bag, or a beach bag, or even a traveling suitcase, each of these bags can be personalized in your own unique style and would make an excellent gift for your mothers.

Bags as wedding gifts for mothers

Bags as wedding gifts for mothers (source: )

Personalized jewelry as gifts for mothers

When it comes to jewelry as wedding gifts I believe that there is no way you can go wrong. You have spent enough time with your mother to observe her style when it comes to jewelry, and your future spouse can help you with his/her mother’s style for jewelry. Diamonds are always fashionable, but you can always go for something more simple and personal, like a necklace that reminds you of something you and your mother experienced together. For example, one of my best friends got married last summer and she bought a butterfly necklace for her mother. She said that she made that choice because on her mother’s wedding day, a very rare butterfly flew around her when they came out of the church. She said that that butterfly brought them good luck.

Jewelry as wedding gifts for mothers

Jewelry as wedding gifts for mothers (source:

Personalized health and care sets as gifts for mothers

Taking care of your health and your look is very important, especially for people who reached their second youth period. After such a stressful time that your mothers spent, helping you plan and organize your perfect wedding, it is only natural to want to relax and be spoiled for a little while. You can offer this gift to your mothers as a “thank you”. There are numerous sets of health and care products that are perfect as a treat for your mothers. Go with whit products for skincare, or for hair care, or for nails care. Choose the right sets for your mothers, and personalize them with your names and wedding date. With such gifts, your mothers will think about you when enjoying the wonderful results of their new products.

Care set as wedding gift for mothers

Care set as wedding gift for mothers (source: )

Personalized embroidered handkerchiefs as gifts for mothers

Embroidered handkerchiefs are more vintage wedding gifts than modern gifts. Nowadays few people still embroider and fewer people appreciate this art. A decade or so ago, embroidered handkerchiefs and tablecloths were very fashionable. There were families who had embroidered things all over the house. But now this art is almost lost. So, if your mothers are one of those few people who still admire and appreciate embroidered items, such gifts would be perfect for them. Personalize the handkerchiefs with your mothers’ names and they will always have a vintage and yet fresh memory about your wedding.

Embroidered handkerchef as wedding gifts for mothers

Embroidered handkerchief as wedding gifts for mothers (source:

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