When talking about love, joy, happiness, gratitude, appreciation and many other feelings, words are rarely enough to be able to express exactly what you mean. For most people, their wedding is the most emotional and meaningful event of  their life, so finding the right words to describe their feelings regarding this event can represent quite a challenge. But if we look down into our hearts, and around us at all the people we love and appreciate we will be able to find the right words to create a personalized text for our wedding thank you cards.

Thank You Cards Structure

No matter how simple or complex your custom thank you cards are, the text should be structured in four main parts.

You should start with a simple greeting like “Dear X”. Depending on the greeting phrase you choose you will set the personalized tone for the rest of the thank you card text.

Next you want to write the custom  text for your thank you cards that shows your appreciations. The simplest way is to write a brief, specific and personalized text that offers exact details about the gift you received and how you plan to use it.

Also, to ensure a personalized text for your wedding thank you card, you could compose a short custom text that informs your guest that they are really important to you. There are some templates you can use, such as “We truly enjoyed your presence in the wedding, and we plan to have dinner with you soon!” Doing this will further customize the letter and create an effect of sentimentality which is authentic and sincere.

You should close your custom wedding thank you cards with a short remark that thanks your guest again for their gift and their company in your wedding day.


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