Although you are free to write your personalized thank you cards in any way you want, there are some rules that you should respect, in order to ensure you thank you cards are elegant and custom.

Thank You Cards Writing Rules


It is customary to send the wedding thank you cards as soon you received the gifts. No matter if the gifts arrive before or after the wedding, make sure you write you personalized wedding thank you cards right away and send them as soon as possible. Wedding thank you cards shouldn’t be sent later than two weeks before the wedding for the gifts received before the wedding and 8 weeks after the wedding for the gifts received after the wedding.

Hand Writing

You should always hand write the text for your wedding thank you cards. A warm personalized, handwritten note, tells the guest how much you appreciated the gift and how it will be cherished for years to come. Also by hand writing the thank you cards you express sincerity.

Send the thank you cards to all your guests

No matter if they sent you a gift, or not, you should send thank you cards to all your guests, to thank you for being present at your wedding. By sending personalized thank you cards you should acknowledge everything from place settings to gifts of time or talent. You could also use a Thank You Note Service to make the notes handwritten and more personal. Also, don’t forget to send custom thank you cards to friends and relatives who arranged the showers and parties for you.

A thank you card for each gift

It is possible for one guest to send more than one gift for the marring couple. To make sure they know how much you appreciate their effort, you should send a personalized thank you card for each gift you received, even if two or more thank you cards would go to the same guest.

Mention the gift

In order to show all your gift senders that you know what they sent and that you appreciate their specific gift, make sure that you mention the gift and how you are going to use it in your personalized wedding thank you cards.

Style and colors

We already agreed that you should hand write the thank you cards. Another detail you have to think about is using dark blue or black ink to do the writing. Although using colored ink might be a way to personalize your wedding thank you cards, it is more elegant and appropriate to use black or dark blue ink.

Thank the people who didn’t attend the wedding

Of all the guests you invited to your wedding, there will be people who won’t be able to make it. It is a very nice and elegant gesture of you to write them personalized thank you cards and tell them you understand that they couldn’t make it, and that you hope to meet with them soon.

“We” instead of “I”

When creating the personalized text for your wedding thank you cards make sure you refer to you and your future spouse, and not just to you (the person that writes the card). Although only one signature on the thank you cards is enough, if you want them to be personalized you should both sign the card. This way your appreciation is truly shown.


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