Once the proposal excitement goes away and your head stops spinning, you regain consciousness, drift back to earth, and say “yes,” it’s time to start planning. Choosing the best wedding date should be an easy thing: you should think about  popular wedding months and  days, or a month and a day that are relevant for your relationship (the anniversary of your relationship, the day you met, the day of your first date) and get married. But, unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that, because there are too many factors you need to consider before choosing.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Date

After deciding if you want a long or short engagement, if you want a big wedding or a small reception, you take a calendar and you start looking for best wedding dates in the season you like most. Most of the brides to be would like their wedding  on a popular wedding month, in spring or summer, but there are girls that love autumn and winter likewise. To make sure you choose the best wedding date,  before stopping on a certain date you must consider the availability of all your guests. You must make sure that neither your parents, nor your future husband parents have vacation plans in that period. Beside your parents you must consider other relative’s planes.

You have to make sure that you chose the best wedding date so that all your guests can make it to your wedding: starting with brothers and sisters, continuing with grandparents, cuisines, uncles, aunts and any other relatives on your guest list. You must also take into consideration consulting with the other participants on your wedding, such as bride maid and best men. You can’t risk having a wedding without your bride maid because she is on vacation.

After you made sure that all your guests know the date, so that they can make their schedule, you can start thinking about the wedding photos, the catering company, the music, the restaurant and other things you need for this day to be perfect.

If you believe in superstitions you have to consult an astrologist before choosing your wedding date. They rely on numerology, the position of the sun or moon and other factors and they choose and astrology wedding date that is also a lucky wedding date.

You must not forget about the weather. Depending on your wedding theme you must think about the chances of raining that day. Also, for each wedding theme there are some popular wedding months. For example, if your wedding is in September and you want to make it on a beach, you should consider the possibility of a storm or a rain.

Thinking about my own relationship, I believe that the best wedding date would be 07.20.2013. This day is soon enough for me to finish school and find a good job, and late enough to let everyone know about my plans, so they wouldn’t make theirs. This day also reminds me about the day I met him years ago. By then, we would have seven years since we have known each other, all of them amazing years.

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