Proposing to your girlfriend is a very important step in your life. To make sure that you are going to do one of the best wedding proposals, you need to take care of all the details and to be very prepared. Here are some things that need planning before you pop up the question.

Romantic Proposal Ideas

It is very important for you to have talked about the possibility of getting married before you decide to propose. You have to make sure that you agree on all the major issues (such as having children, or your house) and that marriage is something you both want. You do not want to risk a negative answer or a “yes” that hasn’t been said with sincerity.

When you are sure you are making the right move, you need to think about romantic proposal ideas, as  want you to surprise her. After you decided upon the best way to propose, you must prepare all the details, even your proposal speech. You have to find a moment when she won’t suspect anything. You will have your words well structured in your mind and you will know exactly what you want to say to impress her.

You must not forget about the proposal ring. There are two situations here: the one in which you pay a lot of attention to her style, her wishes and you choose the right ring for her. The other one is when she makes it clear that she wants to pick her ring because she knows better what she wants. Either way, you have to make sure she has the perfect proposal ring.

Some parents may like the traditional proposal way, so you should consider talking to them before you propose. It will prove your respect for them and for your future bride.

For a romantic wedding proposal, you need to choose a personal spot, even if it is a restaurant, or a park, or a mountain, or your bedroom. You also need to think about a creative proposal, and you should use some of her favorite things or food. When you have all of those taken care of, you must drop on your knee. It’s the moment a girl has waited for her entire life it must be perfect.

Standing in your knees and asking the question it is not enough. You must tell her why you want to marry her, why is she the perfect one for you, why you are a better person since you have met her, etc.

After she says “yes” you have to let your family and friends know.

I promised you to tell you everything about my wedding plans and I will start by revealing my image about the day he will propose. I would like for us to be back home, on the place where we first met. There were a lot of friends with us back then, but today I would like for us to be alone. We would make a campfire, like we used to, and we would watch it holding our hands. It would be a full moon and we would watch the stars giving them names. In those moments of peace and happiness he would find a perfect moment to show me the ring and to ask the question. I would accept on that very moment. I believe this is one of the greatest ways to propose regarding our love story.

I have lots of wedding proposal ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you.

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