Remember-your-weddingGetting married is a once in a lifetime event. Hundreds of friends and family all come together to celebrate the love and future of two special people. Of course, a once in a lifetime event only happens with an incredible amount of planning, effort and coordination. Thankfully, wedding vendors are plentiful and many come fully equipped with a high degree of professionalism. The following three services can make any wedding a truly unforgettable day to remember.

A great photographer and or video company is an absolute must for any wedding. Not only can a great photographer provide hundreds of incredible snapshots of many important moments in a wedding, they can also capture whole family and wedding parties when they are together for the first time. However, photographers and video companies can be prohibitively expensive and are only capable of being in one location at a time.


So what’s a bride to do? Thankfully, technology like smartphones are now being used to capture weddings in an entirely new manner. The wedding service Story mix is a perfect example of this new trend. Written up in Wedding bee and The Offbeat Bride, Story mix is a photo and wedding video service that relies on the sharp and creative eyes of each guest at a wedding. Story mix is a download app that allows each guest to record photos and videos at their own pace, which are then sent to the company and edited together to form a complete photo album and wedding video. Story Mix is the only true way to see each aspect of the one day in your life you don’t want to miss any part of.


Second only to photo and video features, the perfect location is a must for creating an unforgettable wedding. Concert halls, open barns and wildlife sanctuaries are just a smattering of some of the most popular wedding venues today. A truly beautiful venue, complete with wonderful decor and atmosphere can add a deeply romantic mood to any wedding.


Last, great music from a quartet, DJ or band is an essential part of any wedding. Even if your guests are not crazy party animals, a beautiful string quartet playing love songs while you walk down the aisle can be simply stunning. Of course, if you are looking forward to a smash hit of a reception, the perfect playlist from a great DJ or talented band can add the last piece to any romantic and beautiful wedding, the fun!

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