Valentine’s Day is known to be “The Day” where individuals freely express their love for one another. As commercialized as this Valentines Day has become, it is still a very popular day for weddings. A Valentines Day wedding can be the idyllic of romance. It can be a very special day for a wedding, as in many ways the day also serves as a celebration of and renewal of love for couples everywhere.

Valentines day wedding colors

Of all the colors, red and pink are the colors associated with Valentines Day. You can use these colors liberally in your wedding. You can have your bridesmaids dress in pink or in red while you have your beautiful bouquet tied with a ravishing red or pink ribbon.

Valentines day wedding colros

Valentines day wedding colors (source: )

Valentines day wedding dress

As red or pink are the main colors for a valentines day wedding, it is only appropriate to have these colors on your wedding dress. No matter if you choose to have a red and white, or pink and white wedding dress or you go with a simple white wedding dress, it will be perfect for your valentines day wedding.

Valentines day wedding dress

Valentines day wedding dress (source: )

Valentines day groom’s wear

Although not all the grooms would agree with such an outfit, wearing a white suit with a red tie would be a perfect choice for a valentines day wedding. This outfit would complement the bride and will match the wedding theme.

Valentines day wedding groom's wear

Valentines day wedding groom’s wear (source:

Valentines day bridesmaids and grooms men attire

In a decor of white and red and pink, black would be a sophisticated and elegant look that captures attention. Black dresses with red shoes for the bridesmaids, and black tuxedos with pink shirts and red ties would make the perfect outfit for a valentines day theme.

Valentines day wedding bridesmaids attire

Valentines day wedding bridesmaids attire (source:

Valentines day wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations should incorporate the wedding theme. Use red envelopes, heart-shaped invitations, lace, and ribbons to set the mood. You can also fill the envelopes with red, heart-shaped glitter or some other Valentine’s Day staple. You can custom your wedding invitations with a picture of you and your future spouse on a red decor.

Valentines day vedding invitations

Valentines day wedding invitations (source:

Valentines day wedding decorations

A valentines day wedding asks for red and white flowers. Decorate the ceremony site with an abundance of flowers, candelabras, rose petals, white tulle, elegant red or pink velvet bows on pews or chairs, and kissing balls hanging from doorways. You can also celebrate with perfectly decorated centerpieces and a table set that shows off your Valentine’s Day wedding theme! Make your theme more special with some conversation hearts made into cookies; small gold cupids in floral arrangement kept on the center tables or large bows.

Valentines day wedding decorations

Valentines day wedding decorations (source:

Valentines day wedding cake

As this day is the celebration of love you may want to have a heart-shaped cake, or one decorated with hearts, to carry out the theme. If you are going with a traditional round cake you could decorate it  with hearts, red roses or cupids.

Valentine's Day Wedding Cake

Valentine’s Day Wedding Cake (source: )

Valentines day wedding favors

Heart shaped boxes of candy with a note saying “Thank you for being our Valentine” would be an adorable touch, so would a million other ideas. All wedding favors portray love without having to try, but you can definitely take it one step further with hearts and boxes and what not, also small candy jars with red candies, and heart stickers, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to favors.

Valentines day wedding favors

Valentines day wedding favors (source: )

Valentines day wedding food

Although it may seem a little too much, serving heart shaped appetizers and other dishes might be the special touch you need for your valentines day wedding. You can also add strawberries with a chocolate or champagne fountain.

Valentines day wedding food

Valentines day wedding food (source: )

Valentines day wedding drinks

If you plan to serve drinks at your reception, offer cocktails like peppermint martinis or chocolate cosmos. Garnish the glasses with fresh fruit or flowers to add elegance. Play bartender with your man at home and decide which ones your guests will enjoy.

Valentines day wedding drinks

Valentines day wedding drinks (source:

Valentines day wedding music

Set the stage with some romantic wedding music. Select some evergreen love songs. Make sure you play romantic music during your reception. Soft love songs, strolling musicians, and candle-lit tables will give your guests a wedding and a Valentine’s Day to remember.


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      Thank you for your opinion. As far as I know you can get this cake at any pastry that makes cakes for weddings. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the cost, as it depends on flavor, size, and decorations.

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