Since the most common subject we read or hear about among the young generation is vampires, here is great news for all the vampire fans. The castle where the first vampire lived has hosted its first wedding with a vampire theme. For those who don’t know, Dracula, known as the first and the most fearful vampire, lived in Romania, in a castle named Bran Castle.

dracula castel

Simona, a Romanian prosecutor, and Arlyn, a captain in the US Army, met 14 months ago in an airport when he showed interest in an article about human psychology that she was reading. They had a few dates in her home town, and they kept in touch after that. Admitting that it was love at first side, they decided to get married.

dracula groomsThe venue. The groom states that he chose the Bran Castle for its history and culture, especially for its connection with Dracula’s name.  Renting the castle was really difficult and expensive, but they made it and now they can say that they were the first couple to get married in Dracula’s castle.

dracula - castel

The theme. Although the main theme was history, Dracula played a really important role in the ceremony. Dracula opened the ceremony, and then walked all the guests to the reception place.

dracula - theme

The ceremony. The ceremony was hold in one of the castle’s room. It was a short and very emotional ceremony. The bridesmaids wore burgundy dresses and roses in their hair. Grooms friends form the army, wore their uniforms and hold their steels straight to honor the union. After the ceremony all the guests went in the back yard where there an enormous tent had been installed.

dracula - ceremony

The rings. You could see the theme of the wedding even in the ring that Arlyn chose for his bride. The castle shaped ring, tall of 2 inches, was made of silver and looked amazing on her fingers. The bride chose a little more classic approach and gave him a personalized gold ring.

dracula - ring

The menu. The couple offered a royal menu to their guests. Among all the food you could recognize prosciutto with melon, gorgonzola, foisgras, American salmon with black tea and special white sauce for fish and many other fancy appetizers.

dracula menu

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