All of your wedding decisions are based on the budget you have. That’s why it’s very important to image on your budget before start planning. When talking about wedding budget there are two situations: one in which the couple can afford to spend as much money as they want, without looking at the costs, and one in which the couple needs to save money on their wedding and they have to pay a lot of attention to how much money they spend, in this case, getting help from financial experts like the ones at SoFi is important as they’ll help you understand how to work with what you have.

Ways to save money on a wedding

There are lots of ways to save money on a wedding and still have a gorgeous party. Although it’s hard to believe it, a wedding budget planner can help you save money on your wedding. Once you’ve set a budget, your coordinator will work with you and his/her network of preferred vendors, to make your dreams come true and save money on your wedding at the same time.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to save money on a wedding is by shrinking your guest list. Food and beverage costs are charged per person, so planning a small wedding will help you save a lot of money. Also you should think about things like table linens and centerpieces, chair set up fees, favors, cake cutting fee, because  the cost of  all these services is based on the number of guests at your wedding.

You might want to think about using your friend’s talent in your advantage. A musically inclined relative can provide ceremony music; a crafty friend can assist with favors and centerpieces; graphics guru can create your stationery. This way you will get the help you need, your guest will have an important role in your special day, and you will save money on your wedding.

It might be a good idea to keep it simple and plan a small wedding. If you want to use elaborated details on your wedding cake and in your flower arrangements it will take more time and therefore it will cost more. You can keep the presentation elegant and chic by using minimal adornments.

Choosing the right time for wedding is another way to save money on a wedding. We all know that off-season prices are lower than on-season. Having your wedding on a Sunday afternoon in January can be equally elegant and romantic, if done right.

You must necessarily enhance your surroundings. You don’t need to spend tons of money on decorations when the nature can help. Many facilities are decorated for the holidays, so holding a December wedding may provide you with gorgeous poinsettias and garland free-of-costs.

You should learn some specific terms you might need to negotiate. There are so many industry terms that are associated with everything, from invitations to music, so if you know what you are dealing with , you will know what you really need and you will know what to ask for to be able to save money on your wedding.

Borrowing items will considerably help you to save money on a wedding. You can add a personalization to your memorable day and save some good money by wearing your mother wedding gown, donning your grandmother’s jewelry or using family photos as table decor.

Thinking about double duty for some of the things you use during the ceremony and the reception might be a great idea. Bridesmaids’ bouquets and ceremony arrangements can be transplanted as cake table decor, and favors can be artfully displayed as centerpieces for your guests to take home at the end of the nigh.

I haven’t established an average budget for my wedding yet, but in our country there is a tradition that says the groom’s father has to support the wedding costs. Although I might be tented to spend all the money  I’ll need for the most important day of my life, I’ll try to have every thing I dreamed of by using all the tips I gave you in this article.

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