When we say wedding flowers we think mostly about wedding bouquet, church decoration, venue decoration and maybe cake decoration. We all tend to forget about the wedding corsages.

Wedding corsages are made of a flower or an arrangement of flowers. A  wedding corsage is traditionally worn with a pin on the dress or jacket. Nowadays, the method of wearing a wedding corsage has evolved and it may now be worn on the hand, secured with an elastic ribbon band.

But there are other types of wedding corsages. Recently wedding corsage magnets have become available. These are for delicate fabrics where you wouldn’t want to put a pin through. A small magnet is incorporated at the back of the wedding corsage design and a thin metallic disc is placed on the back of the garment that secures it in place.

Wrist wedding corsages can look very stylish with a short sleeve dress. It is best to create them from circular focal flowers such as orchids or roses. Flowers such as calla lilies will not work as well. Sometimes we are asked to make a handbag  wedding corsage because the guest wants to protect their clothes. Another idea for wearing a wedding corsage is to create one for a hat.

Wedding corsages are given to female guests of distinction. Relatives who will usually wear a corsage at a wedding are the mothers of the bride and groom, the grandmothers, and any other dear relatives, like a special aunt. It is also important to give a  wedding corsage to stepmothers, if you or your fiance have one.

The flowers chosen for wedding corsages should tie into the general floral design of the wedding, although they do not have to match exactly. You could use the same color as in your wedding bouquet, or choose one that ties in with other parts of your color scheme. Make sure that your wedding corsages are as festive as the rest of your flowers.

At my wedding, people who are going to wear wedding corsages are: my sister, my mother, my mother in low, and my sister in low. I am also thinking about giving wedding corsages to my maids of honor, but I don’t know for sure yet. What I do know is that the wedding corsages will be made from the same flowers as my wedding bouquet, meaning gladiolus. Here is an idea. Wedding Corsage

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