One of the most common questions that couples have when planning their wedding is how much alcohol and soft drinks to buy for their wedding day. Alcohol and soft drinks play a very important role in a wedding so it is very important to have a calculator to help you decide how much wine, liquor, beer or champagne to buy for your special event.

Drink Calculator for Wedding

In order to come to the rescue of all those couples who have this problem, we created an unique and exact wedding alcohol calculator. Using this calculator for your wedding drinks you will know exactly how much alcohol and soft drinks you need and you won’t have to worry about buying too much or not enough alcohol.

 The alcohol wedding calculator takes into account 3 very important factors: the duration of the event, the type of drinks and the guests’ gender. So all you have to do in order to use the wedding drink calculator is fill each box and push the “calculate” button. The results present the quantity of drinks you need in litters as well as in 750 ml bottles.

Good luck and have fun using our wedding drink calculator.

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