Although many people might disagree, medium length and short hair wedding hairstyles can look as elegant and formal as long hair wedding hairstyles. All you need is the right hairstyle and the right accessories for you, and you will have an amazing look on your big day.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length and Short Hair

Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t necessary mean sexless. You can opt for soft curls, or a 70’s look, or any other style that makes you feel confident. Make sure that you choose a headpiece that works in your advantage.

short hair

Modern Bob

For a mature wedding hairstyle that only takes minutes to style a modern bob is a perfect choice.

modern bob

Elegant Wave

This lovely wave look is perfect for your wedding day, if you have extra short hair.

elegant wave

Lovely Locks

For a mature look that is elegant enough for a formal wedding try this medium length wedding hairstyle and you will have a great look for a spring or summer wedding.

lovely locks

Natural African American Curls

This all down wedding hairstyle works well with medium length hair. African American bride looks fresh and lovely with her natural curls, parted down the middle.

afircan amercan curls

Pin curls

Pin curls were popular in the 1940s, and make a classic and elegant look today. It works with any hat or bridal veil. This hairstyle is perfect for a vintage themed wedding.

pin curls

Short layers

This dramatic hairstyle requires confidence, and a professional cut. Only a nonconformist bride would choose such a hairstyle for her wedding, but she will definitely make an impression.

short layers

Simple layers

Even a layered straight cut with a few highlights can look just as nice as a modern updo. With a wedding hairstyle like this you just have to part the top a go enjoy your wedding day.

simple layers


They are easy to manage throughout a full day of fun without the need for many touch-ups. With a bit of hairspray and a comb this parted straight hair style can quickly be done.



This is a cute and sexy wedding hairstyle that looks perfect without a lot of work. Just part hair down the middle and curl up the ends and your done.


Wild and crazy

For a casual wedding  with flare try this hairstyle. With a brush and some super hold gel and hairspray you can turn dull short hair into a wild and crazy style.
wild and crazy

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