Planning the meals for your wedding reception can sometimes be as challenging as organizing the rest of the wedding! Your wedding reception meal and catering ideas must accommodate all of your guests and that’s why you need to have a large variety of food.

The budget for your wedding reception meals can differ depending on the food  menus you choose to serve. If you want to save some money you can ask each guest to bring a dish, which will be shared with all the other guests. The amount of money spent on food menus is smaller if you’re having your wedding reception in the morning, and larger if you are getting married in the afternoon or in the evening. Also the number of your guest will considerably influence the cost for your wedding reception meals.

It is very important to think about the season and the time during the day when the reception is taking place, when choosing your wedding food menus. If your wedding is taking place early in the morning, you can serve traditional snack meals, such as pancakes or pastries. If you are getting married around lunchtime, you can also serve traditional food menus, such as sandwiches or pasta. For a wedding reception in the evening, you can serve any kind of meals. Whenever your wedding reception is held, remember that your food menus should follow different dietary requirements, you might discover that not all your guest eat meat.

You have to think about what type of wedding reception meals you want for your wedding. You can choose between buffet, station, family and restaurant style. Buffet style allows guests to line up at a long table that is topped with food  menus and pick what they’d like to eat. Station style is an alternative to buffet style, in which food menus stations are set up and guests visit them based on what they’d like. Family style allows the guests to stay seated while food menus are served in large bowls and on large serving platters at each table. Restaurant style is when each guest’s meal is plated and served to them at their table.

In some countries the food menu consists of three courses: starter, the main course and the desert. If for starter you can choose anything from ream of wild mushroom soup with thyme croutons to cream of broccoli and stilton soup and for main course anything from oven roasted minted lamb steaks to pancetta wrapped breast of chicken, the desert consists in wedding cake and a cup of coffee.

If you decide to have a theme for your wedding reception meals you can create it by choosing coordinating table decoration lines and food selection. Most popular themes include brunch, italian food, BBQ and luau. Also remember to tie the drinks to the reception meal theme.

At my wedding reception, the food menus will have four courses. First  the appetizers will be served. The second course will consist in force meat rolls in cabbage leaves, which is traditional food in my country. The third course will have grilled pork whit mashed potatoes and pickles. At the end we will have desert: the wedding cake. Coffee will also be served during the reception, probably after the appetizers have been eaten. I have attached some pictures of two of the courses I’ll have at my wedding. The first one is the appetizer, and the second is force meat rolls in cabbage leaves.

aperitivesecond course

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