Wedding table runners are a premier way to add style and class to a wedding reception. Linens are used to visually amplify the style and design aspects of the reception itself. Similar to most important decisions we face choosing the color and style for the wedding linens can be a difficult one. These color and style of the linens can make or break the entire design of the reception since they are an integral part of the look and feel of the reception.

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Where to use? The first thing you must do is decide where you are going to have tables that need to be covered and what kind of tables you are going to have. Are some going to be round and others rectangle? Are you going to have the guest book at the actual wedding sitting on a table that needs covered? What about the dining tables at the reception or the cake table and even the table that the DJ will have his radio equipment on. Do you want all those covered in table linens? Do you want your chairs covered in fabric or maybe a sash around the backs of the chairs? If you do, you need to plan for those entire items to be covered with fabric in your budget.

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Color. Most probably your wedding currently has a color theme, so it’s a good option to choose something that suits that. If the single color available is a white table cover, then you have to use a mat on top or a table runner to make extra color.

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Style. Choosing table runners that have a great pattern or using a custom table runner might be a very good idea. This may be tone on tone so it won’t spoil the color theme you have going. For instance, a pastel yellow table cover could have beautiful, a bit darker yellow swirls or flowers on it.

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Material. The material for your table settings should also be a consideration. For weddings, again, satin is the traditional choice. There has always been something romantic about satin. The texture of satin just screams elegance so, if you are trying to create an elegant ambience, you may want to order satin table settings. You should also consider using polyester table settings. Polyester holds up in weather and also stands well against wear and tear. It is also easy to clean with a damp sponge. A nice middle-ground for a medium-sized domestic gathering is linen. Linen is a very high-quality fabric. It looks classy but is also very sturdy.

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Size. There is a very simple formula you can employ to ensure that you order the correct sized table settings. The first thing you will want to do is grab a tape measurer. Now, measure your table at its longest part; both the width and length. If the number is uneven, round to the nearest inch. Next, decide how much you want your tablecloth to hang over the sides. Once you have both length and width measurements, take both measurements and add the length of the drop, multiplied by two. Add this doubled drop measurements to both the length and width and you will have the correct measurement for your tablecloth.

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