When it comes to wedding hairstyle, the trends seem to continue the line launched last year by professional hairstylists. The main idea of 2014 bridal hairstyle is to complement each bride’s personality while letting the dress to be the point of attention.

2014 Bridal Hairstyle – braids

Although braids have been popular among the past year’s bridal hairstyle, brides did not see fit to actually wear them at their wedding. However, in 2014, braids are the main hairstyle among future brides. No matter if you want a simple hairstyle, or if you want something more sophisticated, braids can be adapted to any type of hairstyle to complement it. If you want your hair looking nice learn the benefits of PRP treatment.

From simple braided tails, to braided updos, to braided headbands, any of these hairstyles can be adapted to fit your personality and your bridal dress and to make you glow on your wedding day. Add some headpieces (natural flowers or pearl head-pins) and you will look just gorgeous.

bridal hairstyle - braids

2014 Wedding Hairstyle – curls

Each women who has straight hair dreams of wearing curls on her wedding day as she thinks it will change her look in a benefic way. And she is right. Curls are perfect for any bride, especially if you want to have a look inspired by belle époque. No matter if your hair is short, medium or long, with the help of the best volumizing mousse
your curls will add some volume to it and it will make you the most beautiful bride in the world.

bridal hairstyle - curls

2014 Bridal Hairstyle – updo

In 2014, high updo’s are the most popular among brides. You can choose to wear a classic ballerina style updo, or an extravagant updo that would bring volume to your hair. No matter your choice, keep in mind that updos underline your face, so if you have any imperfection on your face it will be highly visible.

bridal hairstyle - updo

2014 – Wedding Hairstyle – straight

If you are tired of curly hair, why not wear it straight on your wedding day? Changing the shape and the form of your hair will change your look significantly and you will make an appearance at your wonderful event. If you decide to wear your hair straight, try a strong makeup, which will underline the beauty of your face.

bridal hairstyle - straigth

2014 Wedding Hairstyle – 30’ or 40’

You all know that vintage never dies. If you are a fan of vintage, wearing Veronica Lake style curls and a headband or an elegant headpiece you will have an elegant but fancy look.

bridal hairstyle - 30'

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