Usually, when the bride chooses her wedding shoes she has in mind the classic white shoes, shoes that they will wear only on their wedding day. These shoes, although they are elegant and beautiful, are not always the most comfortable. Considering these facts, I thought I should show you some alternatives to the classic wedding shoes.

Colorful bridal shoes

Colorful bridal shoes are more and more trendy lately. These shoes not only that they add a splash of color to the bridal attire but they are also unique and can be worn after the wedding, with a different outfit.


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Flat shoes

Lately brides choose to have two different pairs of shoes on their wedding day. If during the ceremony they wear the classic white wedding shoes with high hills, at the reception they switch to flat shoes. This way their feet won’t hurt and they will feel comfortable during the party.


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Sneakers are trendy,fancy and unique wedding shoes and they can help you to add the splash of color you wanted for your wedding. Make sure that the groom wears also sneakers and that you have matching colors.


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Boots are usually worn by brides that have a country side themed wedding. But lately brides that want to make a fashion statement with their unique bridal shoes also wear boots. Boots are not only fancy for a bridal outfit but they can prove quite useful if it’s raining on your wedding day.


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Sandals are very common for beach weddings. But if you are having an informal wedding you should definitely wear some shoes that will let you enjoy your special day.


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I know it sounds a little crazy but being barefoot at your wedding is not as unusual at one may think. If you are having your wedding on a beach and you want to feel the sand under your feet, why not walk barefoot down the aisle?


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