When it comes to bridal beauty there must be no compromise. No matter if we talk about the dress, the jewelry, make up or hairstyle, all of these details need your full attention and all your energy. Not only that all these details should represent your style, but you also should make sure that you take into consideration the trends and the fashion when you make decisions about your bridal look. Here are the bridal hairstyle trends for the summer of 2012.

Summer trends for bridal hairstyles

High bun bridal hairstyle

Most of the bun hairstyles are very elegant and have a vintage inspiration. A high bun bridal hairstyle can be easily done and will make any bride feel fresh and energized on her wedding day.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-high-bun (source: http://www.coafuri-noi.com/)

Boho chic bridal hairstyle

The boho hairstyle has a specific detail that makes it so special and unique: it involves a hair accessory. Boho hairstyle can be done with floral wreaths, feather wreathes, fabric forehead or even crystal foreheads, each of them making the bride look gorgeous on her wedding day.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-boho (source: http://www.onewed.com/)

Messy updo bridal hairstyle

If you are having an informal wedding with only friends and family you can definitely go with the messy updo hairstyle. With a few hairpins and a few messy hair strands you will have the perfect casual but elegant look for your wedding day.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-messy-updo (source: http://hairstyletwist.com/ )

Braided tale bridal hairstyle

A loose braided tale is another feminine and elegant look, perfect for summer weddings. To make it even more special add a summer flower to the braided tale and you will look divine on your special day.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-braided-tale (source: http://muchtotell.wordpress.com)

Loose curls bridal hairstyle

This is a simple hairstyle for the brides that have long hair and want to let it free. To add the special touch to your hairstyle, use a tiara or a veil.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-loose-curls (source: http://www.jesseshopping.com)

Braided bun bridal hairstyle

If you are having a vintage themed wedding and you want to make sure you have the right hairstyle, choose to make a combination between a sophisticated bun and braided tails. The final product will make you look amazing on your big day.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-braided-bun (source: http://slodive.com/)

Fish tail braid bridal hairstyle

The fist tail braid is one of the most romantic hairstyles for special events. Although it may look simple, this hairstyle is elegant and trendy.


2012-bridal-hairstyle-trends-fish-tale-braid (source: http://www.hairstylestars.com/ )

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