Wearing a veil on your wedding day is a tradition that dates way back in the ancient times when the groom did not meet his bride before the wedding. The veil was used to cover the bride’s face until after the ceremony, when he removed the veil and was the first person to see his bride. Nowadays the brides like the idea of a veil, but they don’t like to keep it down for the entire ceremony. In this article we are going to talk about some tips to choose the right wedding veil for you.

Tips to choose your wedding veil

Should I wear a veil?

As I mentioned before, veils are very traditional, but they also mean different things in different cultures. The lifting of the veil may symbolize the groom taking possession of the bride, or the revelation of the bride to the groom by her parents for approval. Also, some wedding hairstyles don’t allow you to wear a wedding veil. So before deciding if you will or you won’t wear a wedding veil, make sure you take all the facts into consideration.

should I wear a veil

Decide on a budget

The price of a veil can be anywhere from 50 to 500$ depending on color, fabric, decorations, etc. Even if worn solely for the ceremony your veil is an accessory, and like your flowers and hairstyle, it’s an extension of your gown. Therefore it’s worth investing time and money into getting it just right, so it adds something truly special to your day.

budget veil

Choose the dress first

The style of your wedding dress determines what style of veil you should wear. The veil is meant to complement your wedding dress, not to distract from it. You wouldn’t want a short, simple veil with an elegant, designer wedding dress. You also need to consider the style and the level of decoration on your gown. In general, if you have quite a simple dress you can carry off a more elaborate veil.

veil and dress

Time it right

The best time to select your veil style and fabric is at the first dress fitting. At this stage you’re likely to be making decisions about the length of your gown’s train, and your veil can be measured against that. Select your veil before your jewelry.

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