Whether you’re a luscious blonde or a mysterious brunette, having the right hair color for your complexion can go a long way to making you feel confident and vivacious. There’s no difference when it comes to picking your jewellery. Pick the right color combination for your complexion and hair color you’ll look and feel a million dollars. On the other hand, picking the wrong color jewellery for your hair color and complexion can be a distracting disaster. So what color jewellery goes with what hair color and complexion types? Let’s find out in this mini master class…

The bubbly blondes should always pick jewellery in colors that matches their hair color, or contrasts it. As a blonde, you’ll find that color complimenting gold always looks better with your hair tones than silver. When picking out gems, go for lighter stones such as moonstone or a classic diamond. These Juliette earrings by Astley Clarke are perfect!

If you’d rather make a statement by contrasting your jewellery with your blonde locks, try stepping over to the dark side with onyx or black pearls. Give this striking combination a go.

Darker hair and sterling silver or white gold is dramatic. But if you’re a brunette who’s always gone with this winning combination, why not try something a little different? Subtle differences can be achieved with earthy colors like topaz.

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, pick cool stones like pale lilac amethyst, turquoise, and emerald.

Now, while diamonds might be a blonde’s best friend, rubies are for redheads! Flaming hair looks stunning paired with warmer colors. Deep red garnets are very elegant on fiery females. But the best thing about being a redhead? You can wear pink diamonds and pearls like no one else!

matching jewellery

So now let’s compare complexions. Warm complexions (you have peachy, yellow, or golden skin undertones – ask a make‑up artist at your local department store if you’re not sure) look great next to gold. Pick a yellow gold piece and you’ll look fresh and vibrant. Silver will make you look pale and sallow. Pop in one silver and one gold earring, individually cover up each one and you’ll see what we mean. The best choice of gems for warm complexions are coral, jade, emerald, amethyst, and creamy pearls.

Cool tones usually have fair or light skin. As a cooler skin tone, you might also have reddish undertones and a lighter eye color. The precious metals that will compliment your cooler skin tone include silver, white gold, and platinum. If you are a lighter skin tone, you’ll want to pick gemstones like pearls and diamonds.

matching jewellry

If you’ve got a darker skin tone, you kind of get the best of both words when it comes to picking jewellery colors. While pure yellow gold works really well as a complimentary colour, silver and white gold makes a striking contrast.

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