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As you all already know, any makeup has the purpose to cover some imperfection and to underline some strong points of each person. When talking about brides, the makeup has one additional purpose: to complement the dress and to make the bride the most beautiful woman in the world.

We already discussed the 2014 trends for wedding dresses, and bridal hairstyles. Now, we want to finish the bridal beauty details popular in 2014 and we would like to present you what the trends are for bridal makeup this year. The main idea is of a natural and romantic look that would reveal the natural beauty of the bride.

Bridal makeup – cat eye

Although is one of the favorite makeup style among makeup stylists, you will not find the cat eye makeup on a bride as often as one may think. However, this year, the cat eye makeup seems to be the most popular. Applying a black eyeliner is the one detail that makes the difference. Choose one of the 2014 hairstyle trends and your outfit would be just amazing.

cat eye makeup

Wedding makeup – pink and nude lips and blush

The 2014 lipstick colors go from beige, nude to pale pink and natural blush. If you prefer stronger colors, or if you just want to underline your perfect lips, you can always go with fuchsia or red. You can complement your red lips with a natural color for your make up and your blush.

As for your hairstyle, you could choose braids, which would help create a romantic atmosphere. Also, the 30’s and 40’s hairstyle could complement your red lips, making you look gorgeous on your wedding day.

bridal makeup pink lipstick

Bridal makeup – white eyeliner

The white eyeliner makes brings light to your eyes, making them look younger and fresher. Although it comes as a novelty to bridal makeup, the white eyeliner is perfect for a natural and discreet look. As for your hairstyle you can choose simple curls with volume. Add a spectacular dress and you will be the point of attention.

bridal makeup white eyeliner

Wedding makeup – contoured eyebrows

Regarding your eyebrows, you should try to keep their natural shape, in a thick line but you have to make sure they are very well contoured.

 bridal makeup countured eyebrwos

When it comes to wedding hairstyle, the trends seem to continue the line launched last year by professional hairstylists. The main idea of 2014 bridal hairstyle is to complement each bride’s personality while letting the dress to be the point of attention.

2014 Bridal Hairstyle – braids

Although braids have been popular among the past year’s bridal hairstyle, brides did not see fit to actually wear them at their wedding. However, in 2014, braids are the main hairstyle among future brides. No matter if you want a simple hairstyle, or if you want something more sophisticated, braids can be adapted to any type of hairstyle to complement it. If you want your hair looking nice learn the benefits of PRP treatment.

From simple braided tails, to braided updos, to braided headbands, any of these hairstyles can be adapted to fit your personality and your bridal dress and to make you glow on your wedding day. Add some headpieces (natural flowers or pearl head-pins) and you will look just gorgeous.

bridal hairstyle - braids

2014 Wedding Hairstyle – curls

Each women who has straight hair dreams of wearing curls on her wedding day as she thinks it will change her look in a benefic way. And she is right. Curls are perfect for any bride, especially if you want to have a look inspired by belle époque. No matter if your hair is short, medium or long, with the help of the best volumizing mousse
your curls will add some volume to it and it will make you the most beautiful bride in the world.

bridal hairstyle - curls

2014 Bridal Hairstyle – updo

In 2014, high updo’s are the most popular among brides. You can choose to wear a classic ballerina style updo, or an extravagant updo that would bring volume to your hair. No matter your choice, keep in mind that updos underline your face, so if you have any imperfection on your face it will be highly visible.

bridal hairstyle - updo

2014 – Wedding Hairstyle – straight

If you are tired of curly hair, why not wear it straight on your wedding day? Changing the shape and the form of your hair will change your look significantly and you will make an appearance at your wonderful event. If you decide to wear your hair straight, try a strong makeup, which will underline the beauty of your face.

bridal hairstyle - straigth

2014 Wedding Hairstyle – 30’ or 40’

You all know that vintage never dies. If you are a fan of vintage, wearing Veronica Lake style curls and a headband or an elegant headpiece you will have an elegant but fancy look.

bridal hairstyle - 30'

Accessories – No matter if you talk about jewelries, scarfs or headpieces, their main purpose is to complement an outfit, to offer it a touch of personality. Brides do not make an exception. Every year, trends related to wedding planning and wedding outfit are established by the specialized designers. This means that, each bride who is getting married this year, needs to know what the 2014 trends are for her wedding gown, colors, invitations, cakes and hair accessories.

When it comes to wedding headpieces trends for 2014, the winners are the elegant but sophisticated accessories that remind us of the 20’s. Vintage headpieces are also fashionable this year.

Bridal hair accessories – headbands

Being fashionable in 2013, headbands continue to be a must for all the romantic brides who want to have a special look on their wedding day. As a novelty, the designers propose headbands made of satin, with floral details, pearls or crystals, depending on the decorations that you have on your dress. To underline this hair accessory, you should choose a simple but elegant bridal hairstyle.


Bridal hair accessories – feathers

As we already mentioned, this is the year of sophisticated details. This means that feather headpieces are in the centre of attentions among brides to be. However, keep in mind that only nonconformist brides agree to wear such a fancy headpiece on their wedding day. And, let’s not forget that feather wedding headpieces remind us of the 20’s or 30’s, when they were very popular.


Bridal headpieces – head wraps

Unlike headbands, the bridal head wraps have a much stronger vintage accent, especially if they are made of elegant lace. Add some pearls and crystals or some flower garlands and you obtain the perfect look for an informal wedding. To make sure you complement your bridal head wrap, choose a hairstyle that implies a lot of volume for your hair.


Bridal headpieces – hairpins

Head-pins have always been popular when it comes to wedding hair accessories. However, this year brings to our attention flower head pins that are meant to enrich your attire, while giving it an elegant look. If you happen to find flower head pins that also have pearls and crystals, you can be sure your look will be amazing on your wedding day.

head pins

Bridal hair accessories – royal tiaras

Royal tiaras are the WOW of this year’s bridal headpieces trends. Although, in the past years, tiaras were not fashionable any more among brides, this year they revived. Moreover, royal style tiaras are exactly what you need if you want a princess style wedding. Combine the tiara with an elegant updo and you will look just gorgeous for a formal wedding. Combine it with rebel curls and you will look like a belle époque bride.


It is the month of love and every groom who is looking for his perfect suit complete with wedding ties and every bride who is looking for her perfect wedding dress starts doing his/her research, reading magazines, going through pictures, trying suits or dresses on. If in 2013 the bridal dresses were a little more daring, with bright colors and contrasts, the 2014 bridal dresses are characterized by a glam that makes you think about Great Gatsby. This year, the wedding gowns are elegant due to sophisticated details, rather than to its general look.

2014 wedding dress – beads and pearls

2014 is known as the romantic year regarding wedding dresses. If in the past years the dresses with embroideries were fashionable, this year, the designers have decided to adorn them with beads and pearls. Theia, ReemAcra and Carolina Herreara are just some of the designers who promote this trend.

beads and pearls wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – column dress

As the bridal dresses for 2014 are not meant to surprise you by their form, but by the details they are adorned with, most of the wedding gown collections presented in New York show simple column dresses. This wedding dress style fits almost any silhouette, being also very easy to wear. Maggie Sottero, Kenneth Pool, and Carolina Herrera promote this wedding gown style.

column wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – lace sleeves and transparent bracelets

No matter if they are short or long, lace sleeves are a must for 2014 bridal gowns. The lace leaves became popular especially after the royal wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. Chantilly, Venise and Chiffli are the main designers that promote this trend. However, if you want to wear bracelets, but you believe they do not favor your look, you can replace them with transparent bracelets.

lace sleeves wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – cape

Capes became very popular among wedding dresses, especially because of the models presented by the big designers this year. No matter if you talk about lace cape or tulle cape, they all offer a romantic look to your wedding dress.

cape wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – back neckline

Although this detail was popular in 2013 too, backless wedding dresses are still trendy in 2014. However, the back “neckline” must be decorated with lace or elegant tulle, to have more glam. Temperley Bridal, Ines di Santo, Pronovias, are just some of the designers who believe in this trends.

back neckline wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – Shiny tulle and metallic colors lace

If you are a nonconformist bride and you want to show it, you can choose a bridal dress that has shiny tulle or metallic color lace as the main decoration details. Your wedding party will say “WOW” when you come down the aisle wearing such an amazing dress.

shiny tulle wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – vine details

Vine seems to have become a light motif of 2014, and you will be able to recognize it wedding trends too. Wedding designers come forward with fabrics that imitate the vine texture, which will underline the body-line of each bride.

vine wedding dress

An old proverb says that you should never believe the green eyes as they are too beautiful to be real. So, if you are a bride who has green eyes you should take advantage of the youth, freshness and immortality that they transmit.

A bride with green eyes should be very careful with the makeup she chooses for her big day. When you have green eyes, you should use neutral colors, which would underline the color of your iris, instead of adding some color to it. Here are some tips that a bride with green eyes should know:

Brownish Gray

Brownish gray is one of the colors that cannot be missing from a green eyes bride makeup. It is very difficult to characterize this color as the shades can vary very much between worm and cold tones of gray and brown. Brownish gray is a neutral color that fits very well green eyes and underlines them at the same time.

However, makeup artists recommend warm tones of this color to be used, instead of cold tones. This means that your make up should be grayer and less brownie. This color also ads shine to green eyes.

green eyes makeup

Avoid black

Black should always be avoided when it comes to green eyes makeup as it contrasts strongly and it obfuscates the beauty of the green eyes. When choosing the eyeliner for green eyes you should avoid pure black. Choose a shade that has some blue in it instead. Also, make sure that the eyeliner has a creamy consistence.

avoid black


As for eye contour, try to choose brown for inner corners of the eyes, and complete it with black. This way your look will have a plus of shine and expressiveness. Use warm shades of brown to complement the warm color of your eyes.



Violet is the perfect color for green eyes. Although violet is a perfect color for any skin and eye color, when it comes to green eyes, violet does wonders.  To make it even better, know you that any shade of violet is ideal for green eyes makeup, no matter if you choose lavender violet or eggplant violet. Why? Green and red are complementary colors; this means that any other color that has some red in it, does wander for a green eyes bride.

Short tip. If you choose peony violet, apply it as close to your gene line as possible, underlying the richness of your green eyes.



If the green eyes bride wants to have smoky eyes, her makeup should be based on brownie silver. Apply this color on the eyelids and on the inner corners of the eyes, and you will have the shine and the mystery you wanted for your look. Your green eyes will contrast with the brownie silver of your makeup. Take a look at Kristen Stewart bridal makeups and you will understand exactly what we are talking about.



Although it may seem crazy, a green eyes bride can use green for her makeup with one condition: the shade of the makeup should differ totally from the shade of the eyes; the makeup shade should be metallic.

If you do choose green for your makeup, make sure that the shine and the light is the one that prevails and not the color itself. Add some bronze or silver and you will have an intense and expressive look.


Avoid blue

As a basic rule: avoid shades of blue, white and pastel colors. They do not compliment green eyes, but they steal the natural charm of the green eyes.

avoid blue

Keep skin tone in mind

Before choosing the actual colors for your green eyes makeup, think about your skin tone:

  • Olive skin – choose violet, bronze and mild peony red;
  • Pale skin – choose dark pink and brown.

skin tone

Hair color matters too

The green eyes bride should also choose her makeup depending on her hair color:

Blond hair/green eyes – this bride should choose brown, or red-brown for her eyelid and her mascara. She should also choose shades of brown, such as golden, or hazel with shiny particles of gold.

Dark hair/green eyes – this bride should choose blue black for her eyeliner, and neutral and mat makeup colors. We do recommend peony red.

Different shades of green eyes

Keep in mind that green eyes differ from a bride to another; this means that you should experiment a lot before actually choosing your makeup colors.

 Green eyes brides already have an advantage: their eye color is pretty rare. But this does not mean that you can ruin this natural beauty if you apply the wrong makeup. All you have to do is underline your already unique eyes.