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bridal jewelery trends 2013Every woman has thought of how she will look on her wedding day. There is hardly any woman who has not replayed the wedding scene in mind over and over again in all years before she got married. However with time we tend to refine it and change certain things as per the latest trends. We add something; we subtract something and keep the rest of it as it was when we thought about this day for the first time. Over the years our preference of jewelry trends tends to change and finally by the time we get married we are more or less influenced by the latest trends of the season. If you are planning to get married this season i.e. 2013 don’t forget to consider the latest trends in bridal jewelry of the season before you actually purchase the items.

Crystal Starburst

Instead of piling on anything and everything that you can lay your hands on, concentrate on big, bold pieces so that you are able to make the right style statement with a single piece rather than getting dressed up as a Christmas tree. One very popular jewelry piece is the crystal starburst which can be used in a number of ways. One such style is a crystal brooch that can be pinned in your wedding dress.


One can also make a strong statement by opting for chokers. One can opt for two three stripes of crystals or a combination of pearls and crystals, especially if it is a day time wedding. You can mix and match your choker with a beautiful stud or a chandelier earring that have a vintage look and are very hip and chic at the same time.


Another big trend this season is bracelets. They can add the right amount of zing to your wedding gown. You can match it with the design of your choker or even your earring. One can also customize the bracelet for a proper and perfect fit.

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Why is a wedding dress so important to the ceremony? It’s a very good question as it is one of the must haves on the big day for most if not all women. Depending on your views, it may very well make or break how the day goes. What type of dress you wear completely depends on your culture and religion, and we have been wearing them since the middle ages where weddings were more of a business rather than love.

The first recorded white wedding dress was worn by Princess Philippa of England in 1406 which was a tunic made from silk and bordered with grey squirrel.

Wearing a wedding dress started off not being anything to do with religion, contrary to popular belief. As mentioned before they were worn when business agreements were being made between families and other such engagements. It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that it became a part of Christian tradition and more popular in general due to Queen Victoria getting married in one of her own. In Christianity, wearing a white dress bares two different meanings, the first being that the white symbolizes the brides purity and virginity and the second being that it is a picture of gods righteousness, meaning to symbolize god with “fine linen, bright and clean”.

the importance of a wedding dress

It is a key ingredient for a lot of women to have a white wedding dress as it is the main focus of the guests for the ceremony as a whole. It Is your one chance to look the most beautiful you have ever been, and in some cases it can be grand and most divine. Not all women choose to wear a dress or at the very least not a spectacular white one due to them being higher in price, and some women are not too bothered either way. It’s personal preference at the end of it. It is however highly encouraged that you wear a white wedding dress, especially if you are getting married in a church or other religious building as it could cause some offense or uproar with family members or church goers if you go against it. These days the ‘traditional’ white wedding dress takes many shapes and styles.

the importance of wedding dresses

If you decide to get a stunning white dress then it is important that the dress fits you properly and is not too weighty as you will be wearing it for the entire ceremony, which could take a good few hours. You also need to make sure that it is not too long or short as having it too short could cause offense and having it too long you could trip, fall or get caught on the fixtures. It has to be the right dress for you. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter but you are the one who has to be happy with it. You do not want it ruining your big day nor do you want to become stressed trying to find one. Traditional wedding dresses are either white or cream in color, are made of linen, silk and/or lace and are usually the length of your whole body, just covering the feet.

the importance of a wedding dress1

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Looking beautiful on her wedding day is something every bride wants to accomplish. With the right wedding dress and the right accessories, everyone can look picture-perfect. Wearing the ideal dress is crucial, yet pairing it with the right jewelry makes a dramatic difference. That being said, it doesn’t mean that brides should spend thousands of dollars on jewelry; quite the contrary, affordable pieces can look just as beautiful as the real thing. There are also tips and web pages on diamonds that serve to help advise on jewelry.

Check out these tips for accessorizing your wedding dress:

Gold or silver?

Since wedding dresses are white, some brides think that the color of the jewelry doesn’t matter, but it does. Wedding dresses come in a rainbow of white tones from ivory, to snow white, to cream white. If your dress has cool tones, pick silver jewelry. Dresses with warmer tones of white can be paired with gold jewelry.




Necklaces can add a pop to your dress, but don’t wear a necklace if you’re wearing a high-cut neckline or halter neckline because it looks overwhelming. Necklaces are idea with a sweetheart or plunging neckline because they make you look chic and elongated.




Sparkly bangles add extra glam to your gown, yet they don’t have to be made out of real diamonds to look beautiful. Faux diamond bangles look absolutely wonderful, and the extra punch of sparkle will make you glow. However, steer clear of bracelets if you’re wearing a long sleeve dress because it would make it look too busy.




If you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline, you can skip the necklace and opt for a stellar pair of dangly earrings. Not only will this elongate your neck, it will also put the focus on your beautiful face. If you’re wearing a turtleneck dress, on the other hand, then you should opt for small pearl earrings.

bridal jewellery - earings


Hair pieces

Hair pieces add extra glamor to your hairdo. If you’re wearing your hair in an elegant up-do, try to accessorize it with sparkly pins or a headband. If you’re wearing your hair loose, why don’t you pair it with a short veil headpiece? Hair accessories look beautiful, and they can help your style last throughout the night.



It is safe to say that weddings need a lot of planning, time and good old-fashioned know-how in order to throw the perfect event from beginning to end and it can be quite an overwhelming experience for any bride-to-be to plan their big day. Fortunately, however, when it comes to picking the wedding jewellery for the bride, there are a few actionable tips to make sure that it makes the right impression and ensures that all eyes are on the beautiful bride.

But surely a bride’s choice of wedding jewellery comes down to personal taste, I hear you say? Well, of course it does but there are a few general rules of thumb which can be applied to choosing the accessories on the big day and the most applicable of these include:

Think Big

A wedding is all about grandiosity and ensuring that the bride turns head and this is something which her choice of wedding jewellery can certainly help with. Obviously, don’t go too over the top in terms of size but it is important to realize that small pieces of jewellery may well be overshadowed by the dress or the bride’s hair – so, the best rule of thumb in terms of size of wedding jewellery is think big (but not too big)! Something like the beautiful pearl necklace below is ideal for a wedding.

pearl wedding jewellery

Be Prepared

Whilst, it goes without saying, most wedding preparations are manic to say the least, you should endeavor to buy wedding jewellery for the big day quite some time in advance. Obviously, you will be choosing your jewellery based on your choice of wedding dress but once you have got that purchase sorted, you shouldn’t wait too long before deciding how you want to accessorize your dress.

Don’t overdo it 

Whilst we’ve already gone over the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to think big with your wedding jewellery, the flip-side of the coin dictates that you don’t overdo things. You need to choose accessories which complement your dress and this is something that will come from your own personal style tastes but try and ensure that you don’t laden yourself down with an unnecessary amount of jewellery – something like an eye-catching necklace and a pair of pearl earrings are the sort of combinations you could consider. Something like the earrings below would be perfect wedding fare.

pearl wedding jewellery

These are just a few of the things which you should be bearing in mind when choosing wedding jewellery for your big day and the main thing to remember is to simply wear the jewellery that you like and which you feel comfortable with because, after all, it’s your big day!

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Bridal guide to wedding jewellry

Bridal guide to wedding jewellery

Brides generally spend months finding the perfect dress. They scrutinize neckline, texture, train, and much more before settling on one that they have deemed perfect for them.

However, at Hotsy Totsy we’re firm believers that not enough consideration always goes into the jewellery the bride will wear until the very last minute. Understanding what the options are can narrow down some of the struggle and alleviate some of the stress.

Let’s start with the basics. Any bride has several different accessories to choose from – a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or some sort of head piece. She can even wear another ring on her right hand but the most important thing is to mix and match. Don’t wear one of each type of accessory or it will distract from the dress and the rest of the outfit. Go with a necklace and earrings. Or opt for a bracelet, headpiece, and necklace. Keep it subtle but sparkling.

Diamond Jewellery

The most common type of jewellery that is worn on wedding days is diamond jewellery. It matches the beautiful ring the bride wears, goes with the white theme, and keeps all eyes on the bride with its sparkling luster. The old saying is true – Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! Remember though, you don’t have to go to the ultimate expense of decking yourself out with the real thing – sparkling crystals look great and also save on the cost. They will look just as lovely but won’t distract from the ring you are wearing.

Alternative Jewellery

Of course, there is no rule book that says the bride has to wear what is traditionally worn on the wedding day. She can opt not to wear any jewellery that is white or sparkling. For example, it is becoming more popular for alternative brides to wear a stone such as turquoise. It adds a pop of color without the sparkle of diamond. However, this does not mean that the bride is sacrificing any sort of beauty. Turquoise jewellery brings the theme of the wedding back to nature in an elegant way.

There are other alternative types of jewellery as well. The bride may wear jewellery with fake flowers instead of gems. She may opt for ribbon as opposed to precious metals. She may even go with an alternative style of jewellery, such as body chains or glitter tattoos. The most important aspect is that the bride is comfortable and feels beautiful in whatever she chooses to wear.

Vintage Jewellery

Another style that is becoming increasing popular and glamorous in the wedding world is vintage jewellery. This encompasses a variety of things. First, it may be more bold with flourishes. It may have a brass setting as opposed to a shiny silver. It is often more shaped into flowers or trinity patterns that draw the eye. It is often less sparkly but has an elegance to it that cannot be matched. In this day and age, vintage can span a wide range of decades. It could be as early as the 60s or 70s, or it could go back as far as the Roaring 20s. Again, the bride needs to find an era that she sees herself in.

One of the benefits that goes along with wearing vintage jewellery as a bride is that it gives the photos and wedding as a whole a timeless, classic feeling. Each photo can be placed in any moment in time and fit. This can be a nice representation of the love that knows no bounds.

When picking out jewellery for a wedding, the most important aspect is that it speaks to the bride. It does not have to be what is in style that season. It does not have to perfectly match the dress she is wearing. All that matters is that she feels beautiful in her jewellery, her gown, and her future.

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