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The stress of planning a wedding is great and overwhelming for any bride. The pressure to have the perfect wedding that she has always dreamt of is intense. Every girl wants to feel like Cinderella in her beautiful wedding gown for her Prince Charming. Choosing a wedding gown can be a time consuming process. Some brides prefer renting or hand-me-downs but the majority prefer to buy a new dress. There are a few things a bride you should note when seeking out a gown from your favorite designers.

There are numerous designers in the world today; some are up and coming and others are well known globally. The most famous designers have the most sought after gowns and they cost a pretty penny. Therefore if you are looking for the best designers in the market look no further.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is one of the most famous bridal wear designers in the industry. Her dresses are sought after by many brides and have been worn by several celebrities as well. She has been designing wedding dresses for years thus her evident popularity amongst numerous brides. Vera Wang dresses always display her expert workmanship and have an heir of femininity.

vera-wang-wedding-dress (source:

vera-wang-wedding-dress (source:

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta is one of the best dress design companies worldwide. They design both beautiful wedding gowns as well as ball gowns. The gowns are known to be made to be of the highest quality materials and are very unique. The gowns display expertise and attention to detail.

dress-picks-oscar (source:

dress-picks-oscar (source:

Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil is a designer known to design exquisite gowns that have unique details. The majority of his designs feature different types of laces, beads and embellishments. The designs are popular with brides who are looking for gowns that are unique and outstanding.

steven khalil wedding dresses (source:

steven khalil wedding dresses (source:

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen gowns are one of the best a bride can hope to wear. They are unique, and exhibit excellent design work. Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen gown when she was wed to Prince William.

alexander-mcqueen-wedding-dresses (source:

alexander-mcqueen-wedding-dresses (source:

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillie’sr specialty is designing amazing wedding dresses for every bride of high quality. Her experience in design is unparalleled as she started designing from a young age, so she has a lot of experience behind her work.

dress-picks-monique (source:

dress-picks-monique (source:

Now, these tips will help you in finding that perfect dream wedding gown that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. First thing is to have a budget, as you don’t want to spend a fortune on a gown that you cannot afford.

Secondly, choose a style that suits your body type and tastes. There are different styles available ranging from classic and contemporary to strapless and experimental. You can buy a fishtail prom dress at Peaches Boutique in white that can pass as a wedding gown. Always remember to consider the weather and venue of the wedding.

It is prudent to book an appointment with a store or designer when you want to go in for a dress fitting. Choose a trusted friend who understands your style to give you an honest opinion of the dress. Don’t go making any last minutes decisions. Take your time to find the perfect dress for you. Stay open-minded and try different styles and you might just surprise yourself.

Lastly, remember to choose the right accessories that will compliment your gown. The type of design will determine the accessories you add. If you choose to wear a veil or go without, have the appropriate hairstyle that will compliment your face shape.

Nunta Georgiana & Sorin 0361When you want to look your most beautiful for your wedding day, the last thing you need is to be worrying about your skin.  From visible signs of aging to enlarged pores and acne, most of us have some skin worries that we would like to eliminate.  Dermatologist’s appointments can be costly, time consuming and irritating for your skin, leaving it red and uncomfortable for your big day!  Why not invest in Tria’s skin perfecting blue light for acne which is clinically proven to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne, resulting in clearer, smoother skin that is less blemished and has fewer pimples and acne breakouts.

Laser Treatment for Acne

Suffering from adult acne can be a horrible experience, particularly when it makes your skin so unpredictable for special events such as your wedding day!  The Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light is safe enough to use at home and offers the convenience of an acne treatment without the costly visits to a dermatologist.  It works by using safe and gentle non-UV light therapy, which penetrates the skin and eliminates bacteria at the source, preventing the formation of pimples and acne.  If you start to use the Skin Perfecting Blue Light just 2-3 weeks before your wedding, you can expect to see up to 70% acne reduction and you don’t need to worry about redness or irritation as the surrounding tissue is unaffected by the light.

Safety First

The Blue Light is safe for all skin tones, dermatologically tested and is gentle enough for everyday use, without the side effects of some leading acne medications, which can cause skin to become dry, irritated and itchy.  94% of women who have used Tria’s Skin Perfecting Blue Light system have reported a reduction in breakouts, with 93% reporting less severe breakouts and calmer skin.  Traditional acne medications have come under fire in recent years for the severity of their side effects, which can range from skin irritation to low moods and anxiety.  With the Blue Light there are no side effects as it is completely comfortable to use and provides more than eight times the light energy of other devices on the market, for superior power to destroy acne causing bacteria.

Take your Make-up Off

The Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light is kinder to your skin than cleansers and medicated lotions specifically designed for adult acne, which often contain Benzoyl Peroxide to fight spots.  This can really dry out your skin and cause flaking and redness that can be hard to cover with make-up, and as we all know, wearing more make-up increases your risk of blocked pores and acne.  By using this system daily, your skin will be smoother, softer and experience fewer breakouts, meaning that you can decrease the amount of foundation and powder you wear for fresh-faced, natural beauty and confidence.


If visible signs of skin aging are your primary concern, then you should consider using laser skin tightening treatment before your wedding day.  You can find such services at Touch Up Laser website. An infrared light source is used to heat the collagen under the surface of your skin, which causes it to contract and tighten.  Whilst this procedure can be costly, it provides results which are immediately noticeable.  For best results you’ll need to have two to three treatments, leaving a month’s downtime between each session for your skin to recover and redness to reduce.  When the collagen underneath your skin is regenerated, the results are a more youthful, smoother complexion as collagen renewal is stimulated.  You’ll notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as the tightening of your skin.  Make sure to leave enough time before your big day for your skin to recover from the final treatment, as you may experience mild discomfort and irritation.

Whatever your skin concerns as your big day approaches, turning to a laser skin treatment or Tria’s skin perfecting blue light for acne could be the answer to your problems!  By purchasing the Blue Light just a few weeks before your wedding, you can experience smoother, fresher skin on your wedding day without the worry associated with unpredictable outbreaks of acne.  You don’t need to worry about redness or skin irritation as the light is completely safe to use and gentle on your skin.  You could bin your regular acne medication and lotions and begin afresh with the skin perfecting blue light for acne and show off beautiful skin on your big day!

Wedding planning is a stressful time for most engaged couples—particularly the bride. Stress can wreak havoc on the skin and it has been reported that many brides break out with acne on their skin right before the big day. Stress-induced skin blunders can exacerbate stress levels of the person getting married, so it’s a vicious circle. Fortunately, there are ways to help combat skin issues that occur at the last minute.


It can seem like the end of the world when a zit erupts on the face, but worry not. The first thing you should do is apply an ice cube on the blemish for a few minutes to help reduce redness. Secondly, apply a spot treatment on it that contains salicylic acid, calamine or sulfur (the night before the wedding). If a pimple emerges the day of the wedding, hire a good makeup artist who can conceal it very well.

If you have a large cystic blemish on your body (namely on your back of all places) and you’re wearing a strapless dress, treat it the same way you would if it were on your face. Ask a loved one to place an ice cube on the pimple for a few minutes followed by a dab of spot treatment for acne.

Bags Under the Eyes

Whether the culprit is tears (joyful ones), salty food or sleep deprivation, puffy eyes are no friend to anyone, let alone a blushing bride. To help alleviate tired, baggy eyes, place a refrigerated spoon or tea bag (that was soaked in water) under each eye for 10 minutes. The cool sensation of the spoon or tea bag will help constrict the blood vessels under the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness. After the spoon or tea bag treatment, apply a nourishing eye cream on the orbital bone with your ring finger. The orbital bone is the part of the face between the upper cheekbone and under eye area. The best thing you can do for your eye area, however, is to get as much sleep as possible. Aim to get about seven to eight hours of sleep per night and hit the sack before midnight in order to look rested and refreshed the next day.

A Flushed Face

If you’ve been struck with an acute flushed complexion, the first thing to do is to stay calm as much as possible. Agitated nerves may only exacerbate a red face. To help reduce redness, apply a calming face mask and leave it on the face as long as the instructions say. Rinse with tepid water. Moreover, make sure your makeup artist uses the right foundation to conceal the redness and make you look flawless.

These tips are like ammo for your skin, so walk down that aisle glowing and pretty!

 Author Bio: Lee Ann Buttery is a licensed Esthetician and professional makeup artist that works for Mario Badescu. She is passionate about all things beauty-related and has a particular obsession with anti-aging.

Whether you’re a luscious blonde or a mysterious brunette, having the right hair color for your complexion can go a long way to making you feel confident and vivacious. There’s no difference when it comes to picking your jewellery. Pick the right color combination for your complexion and hair color you’ll look and feel a million dollars. On the other hand, picking the wrong color jewellery for your hair color and complexion can be a distracting disaster. So what color jewellery goes with what hair color and complexion types? Let’s find out in this mini master class…

The bubbly blondes should always pick jewellery in colors that matches their hair color, or contrasts it. As a blonde, you’ll find that color complimenting gold always looks better with your hair tones than silver. When picking out gems, go for lighter stones such as moonstone or a classic diamond. These Juliette earrings by Astley Clarke are perfect!

If you’d rather make a statement by contrasting your jewellery with your blonde locks, try stepping over to the dark side with onyx or black pearls. Give this striking combination a go.

Darker hair and sterling silver or white gold is dramatic. But if you’re a brunette who’s always gone with this winning combination, why not try something a little different? Subtle differences can be achieved with earthy colors like topaz.

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, pick cool stones like pale lilac amethyst, turquoise, and emerald.

Now, while diamonds might be a blonde’s best friend, rubies are for redheads! Flaming hair looks stunning paired with warmer colors. Deep red garnets are very elegant on fiery females. But the best thing about being a redhead? You can wear pink diamonds and pearls like no one else!

matching jewellery

So now let’s compare complexions. Warm complexions (you have peachy, yellow, or golden skin undertones – ask a make‑up artist at your local department store if you’re not sure) look great next to gold. Pick a yellow gold piece and you’ll look fresh and vibrant. Silver will make you look pale and sallow. Pop in one silver and one gold earring, individually cover up each one and you’ll see what we mean. The best choice of gems for warm complexions are coral, jade, emerald, amethyst, and creamy pearls.

Cool tones usually have fair or light skin. As a cooler skin tone, you might also have reddish undertones and a lighter eye color. The precious metals that will compliment your cooler skin tone include silver, white gold, and platinum. If you are a lighter skin tone, you’ll want to pick gemstones like pearls and diamonds.

matching jewellry

If you’ve got a darker skin tone, you kind of get the best of both words when it comes to picking jewellery colors. While pure yellow gold works really well as a complimentary colour, silver and white gold makes a striking contrast.

I don’t think I have to remind you how stressful it is to plan a wedding, especially if you have had friends who already went through all of this. Some couples, who can afford it, hire a wedding planner and let them deal with all the details of the most important event of their lives.

The bride is known to be the princess of the day, so it is highly important that she looks outstanding on her big day. Everything needs to be perfect and in order to get there you have to avoid some mistakes that most of the brides tend to make. In this article I am going to present you 8 of the most common mistakes that brides make when it comes to their wedding hairstyle.

Choosing a hairstyle that is wrong for your hair

When you look for a wedding hairstyle you have to consider not only the face line and the color of your skin but also the type of hair you have. For example if your hair is silky and fine it is not recommended to make it curly. Or if your hair is long but scanty you shouldn’t let it free on your back. You have to find the best bridal hairstyle that will match your hair too.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-1 (source: )

Reproducing the hairstyle from a magazine.

Some hairstyle may look amazing on a magazine, but that doesn’t mean that you should have the exact hairstyle for your wedding day. As each hairstyle should be individualized with your own characteristics, you should use the magazines only as inspiration in order to create the best bridal hairstyle for you. Furthermore, if you see a wonderful hairstyle that one star wore it on the red carpet, it doesn’t mean that that hairstyle would be suited for a wedding.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-2 (source:

Forgetting the wedding’s style.

The style of your wedding and especially your wedding venues has a large influence when it comes to choosing the best bridal hairstyle. For example if you wedding is taking place outdoor you have to consider the wind, humidity, heat or even rain. All these details are very important, as you have to make sure your bridal hairstyle will last during the entire wedding.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-3 (source:

Using too many hair accessories

Being beautiful is a must on your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate. The hair accessories are meant to compliment your hairstyle, your face and your makeup and not to put them in the shadow. If you have a bridal gown with many details on it, avoid using pearls, or hairpins that might shine as you will look zany.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-4 (source: )

Not trying the hairstyle two week before the wedding

Even if you have had the same hairstylist for years and you trust him/her never give up on trying out the hairstyle you chose for your wedding day. You should have your hair done at home, while you are wearing your bridal gown. Also make sure that you are having your bridal makeup done too. Add the bridal jewelry too and you will have a complete image of how you are going to look on your wedding day. This way you will see if you like or dislike some details, and you still have time to change them.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-5 (source:

Giving up on your wish

Sometimes  you have a hairstyle in mind and your sister, mother or grandmother convinces you have something completely different done. My advice to you is to consider their opinion but to wear what you want, as it is your special day. Don’t give up on your wishes that easily, as you want your wedding day to be special and perfect for you.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-6 (source: )

Retouching your hairstyle.

If your just left your hair salon and you notice that a strand of your hair is not how it is supposed to be don’t try to fix it yourself. Always go back to your hairstylist and present your problem. He/she will know better how to fix it without ruining the entire hairstyle.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-7 (source:

Dressing wrong while having your bridal hairstyle done.

If your bridal gown doesn’t have a low-cut large enough so that you can dress up after you had your bridal hairstyle done you should ask your hairstylist to come home and do your hair after you got dressed up. You can always protect your wedding dress by wearing something else on top of it.


bridal-hairtyle-mistakes-8 (source: